Thursday, September 09, 2010

Proud Day for Darlington

The Rifles march into the Market Place, Darlington

Cllr. Nick Wallis | MySpace Video

A packed town centre today as The Rifles accepted the Freedom of the Borough in a special ceremony in the Market Place.

There was lots of cheering and clapping from the watching spectators - especially the school children in attendance. A day they'll remember for a very long time, and a fitting way to honour the sacrifice of our service personnel in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


ianh said...

Yes, the people of the Borough truly showed their respect and pride in our forces.

I wonder if a certain public house dared to display their "no squaddies" sign yesterday?

Anonymous said...

our armed killers looks very smart
I'm sure this reflects how berlin looked in the 30's
we do like to keep our killers busy though, two wars for political and financial gain for our elite leaders and the dumb masses lead to believe they are protecting our freedom, as if we ever had any
well I suppose it keeps people in jobs manufacturing our weapons of mass destruction which only western countries seem to be able to use on innocent civilians
doesn't it make you proud ?

小晶 said...

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