Friday, August 06, 2010

A walk by the river

Does this look like a scene from a responsible operator? (photo taken by a resident last Sunday)

The campaign against the activities of Albert Hill Skip Hire moves up another notch tomorrow morning, when local people will be taking part in a campaign walk along the riverside between Albert Hill and Rockwell Pastures.

Since the fire, residents have reported continued breaches by the company of the hours of operation set down by the council. Unasnwered questions remain, although I've been reassured by the extent to which the various agencies responsible for regulating companies like this one are now palpably working together. I'll have more on this shortly.

If you've been affected by the fire, or the previous transgressions by the firm, please do come along - we're meeting by the Hutton Avenue footbridge at 10am. The walk will be led by our local MP Jenny Chapman. The media (Tall Ships providing) have been invited along. It will be great to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

No it does not, however the general public outside the area are not certain what this operator can and can't do within his permit.

Perhaps before you ask people to judge you should put up an exact copy of his rights and also his obligations.

Anyone can make anything look unattractive from a one sided perspective.

Take the VAT increase many in the condemned alliance think it is attractive while many staunch Labour supporters see it as a Liberal sell out..who is correct?