Sunday, August 01, 2010

The last Sure Start?

Haughton Sure Start Centre - work begins

Cllr. Nick Wallis | MySpace Video

The Sure Start initiative was one of the last Government's projects that I was most proud of. It invested significantly in the families of children under 5, whilst enabling key workers (health visitors, social workers and the like) to work together rather than in their professional "silos".

One facility is being created in my ward in Haughton West - in the former children's home on Salters Lane South.

The Tories of course, never liked it, and had to be dragged away from a position of complete hostility before the last election. It's not clear what if any commitment they have to the initiative now.

That means that the Sure Start in Salters Lane South could be one of the last to be built - that would be a tragedy for those communities who haven't yet benefitted from such a facility, and not just in Darlington. It's vital that the pressure is kept on the ConDems to continue with this fantastic initiative.


Paul Cain said...

The last Sure start?

Let's hope so.

Just more social engineering from Labour who want to control how people bring up their kids.

Oh, and, of course, Sure Start is simply a fantastic waste of money (who'da thunk it?): It does not work.

Paul Cain said...

This, as well, from The Guardian (The Guardian!)

james said...

Paul, there's also quantitative evidence that Sure Start has boosted parenting skills - so I found by running a search through a database of peer-reviewed academic journals, rather than a newspaper...