Friday, July 09, 2010

Off on our jollies!

A week break from blogging, and as my BlackBerry is staying firmly locked back here (Sandy's orders) some time off from Darlo stuff too.

Anyone who knows my practical skills will be alarmed to learn I'm skippering a narrowboat from Anderton to Chester and back. What could possibly go wrong?!

Hopefully nothing, but keep an eye on BBC News in case we get involved in a "spectacular"...


Ian W said...


Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Heres Irony...from Dave Davies Facebook page today following the total and utter Tory crucifiction in Cockerton yesterday....

Pretty shit night for the Tories, BSF monies hit hard, as did a large majority of benefit dependents in Cockerton West by-election, truth be told we were never going to win that is accepted, Fib/dumbs done very well funny thing about that Fib/Dumb candidate stood for Tories in 2007 local man, lived in the area for 26 years worth another punt for the Tory Teaboys at next years locals.

He openly calls them the FIB/DUMS and he may well be right but don't forget Dave without these willing lap dogs Cameroon and your crazies would not be in power.

If I were a Fibster, I would be concerned at the openess the Tory's "slag" them now they have their support!

The Coalition is coalapsing :)

Mike Barker said...

Ha...I did the same route about 12 years ago with my kids, though we went all the way to Ellesmere Port and back. Thankfully for other canal users you won't go more than 4mph.