Monday, July 05, 2010

Coalition turns its back on Darlington's children

I'm not sure anyone was truly surprised by today's announcemnent that the Tories and LibDems are turning their backs on Darlington's schools, and refusing to honour the pledge of the last Labour Government to substantially rebuild Longfield, Branksome and Hurworth Secondary Schools.

There was solid community support behind the schools' bids, and even a cross-party consensus locally. As for the guff that Michael Gove came out with in the Commons to justify the cuts - that some schemes were delayed - in Darlington's case precisely the opposite was true. It was the Council's ability to turn round projects quickly and within budget - as demonstrated with other Building Schools for the Future Schemes - that was a key element in the previous decision to prioritise the Borough's remaining 3 unmodernised schools.

No matter. Gove's speech was always a figleaf for a Coalition that wants to push its own idealogical pet project of Free Schools, despite sound evidence that they just don't work.
The truly ridiculous thing is that the cost of maintaining these crumbling, outdated buildings will probably far outstrip the price of a fresh build over time. But hey, why let logic get in the way of right wing nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Where is all the LibDem outrage over this?

Where is all the Conservative outrage over this?

But mention that a music club is to close and the town is up in arms!

Labour had it's faults, but not like this new Government.

Time for the coalition to coalapse and another election be held.

In light of recent announcements about BSF funding and the great VAT lie, many Lib voters no longer trust or would vote for them.

This country is going to Hell in a hand cart that the Tory's have their Lib lackys pushing.

Try this site ...

IANH said...

This BSF decision is as appalling as it predictable.
Whilst the BSF system was far from perfect it did deliver state of the art facilities befitting a civilised 21st century society.

Instead our children will continue to suffer in antiquated and dilapidated facilities that past their design life decades ago.

And for what? to provide unnecesary and unworkable "free schools" that are desired only by a tiny minority of parents.

With an increase in school age children about to hit the primary schools, a few years time will see massive problems with unfit buildings unable to provide a safe envirnment for secondary school age children.

A time bomb if ever there was one.

And all because of the short sighted dogma of this Tory led government.

We have a right to expect our children to be educated in a suitable environment and this Government must be held to account for failing our future generations

ianw said...

Agreed, it would appear that the present Gov. are out of touch with the rest of the country especially when it comes to schools!

Scuola di Atene said...

We need to fund our schools AND the Forum Music Centre.. Surely the equity in the refurbished building can go someway to offsetting the risk on the loan (which has already been made)?

Anonymous said...

The building is Council owned so they would be using their own equity against their own money...come on that makes no financial sense!

Bye bye Forum "you have just been ConDemned"