Thursday, July 08, 2010

Breaking News - Albert Hill Fire

A resident has just rung to tell me Albert Hill Skip Hire's facility over the river is ablaze. There have been explosions, and the flames are as high as the buildings. A source at the Echo has confirmed that at this stage, 4 fire engines are attending.

The plant is notorious locally for its dreadful environmental record, as I've blogged before on several occasions.

Today, however, we can only hope that no employees have been hurt, and that the brave fire officers from Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue manage to tackle the blaze unscathed.

More when I get it.


Thanks to Alan for sending me this pic.


Fire was started in a pile of rubble and rubbish, according to the Echo. There are still explosions going off according to local eyewitnesses. There are 50+ spectators on the other side of the river, who the police have tried to disperse with a loudhailer.


The Fire Service has reported that the situation is under control and the fire should be out within the hour, with damping down over the next 3 hours.


darloresident said...

Sunday late afternoon and stll foul smelling smoke over the Springfield area. Why? Is this smoke a health risk it certainly smells like it I would hazerd a guess that oils, plastics, rubber etc are burning and the smoke is a health risk.
Why have we not been told.
Darlington Council CANNOT let Albert Hill Skip Hire blight the air quality of Darlington any longer, these cowboys dont give a damn what they burn and when they burn it they have repeatedly flouted health laws with regard to air quality regularly in the past As a local resident I am calling on Darlington Councillors to do everything in their power to either close Albert Hill Skip Hire down or run them out of town.They owe it to darlington residents

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree this happens far too often and the people who live near it pay the price. The smoke was still thick at 9.45 last night even parts of Haughton Road were hard to see down. When will the counil step in?