Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in harness

First day back today after a week away in a narrowboat, travelling through Cheshire.

It's a holiday I can thoroughly recommend to anyone - the countryside was gorgeous, and steering the narrowboat on the elevated platform of the boat gave the impression of standing on one of those slow-moving escalators you find in airports - totally serene.

There is also a culture of comradeship amongst the boating fraternity which made the holiday a joy. Everyone was friendly, and more than prepared to help out when we (inevitably) ran into difficulties. We travelled from Anderton to Chester and back, via Nantwich. Only the occasional downpour, which left me soaked to the skin, blemished a great break away.

Although I had agreed not to take it with me, somehow the Black Berry found its way onboard, (ahem) which was just as well, given the ongoing problems in the aftermath of the Albert Hill Skip Hire fire...

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