Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Starts

Remember the LibDem statements before the election that an early slashing of public expenditure might hurt the recovery?

Hollow promises, and local authorities, with Fire and Rescue and Police Authorities, are now digesting the first of what I guess will be several raids on community services.

There will be £1.2 billion of cuts to local government this year alone.

In Darlington, £2.5 million is being stripped from the local authority. This amounts to the following;

Education: £756,000
Supporting People: £114,000
Road safety £43,000
Home office £16,000
Total £929,000

In addition, the Council, together with its partners in health, the emergency services and the voluntary sector, had been awarded £1,800,000 by the last Government for good performance - this money would have been invested in further service improvement. That has been cancelled by the Coalition.

The people of Darlington are also losing £380,000 in transport capital cash.

The cuts aren't ring-fenced - in other words savings could be made in other areas to make up for the shortfalls in cash - but the priorities of the Coalition are clear. Education, roads and services for vulnerable adults are all under attack.

There is an urgent need for social housing across the country - the Housing budget nationally is losing £146 million. It's not yet clear what the effect here in Darlington will be.

It's too early to say what the impact on services here in Darlington will be, and the Council and partners will have to crunch through the figures.

I haven't been blogging regularly for a couple of weeks, and for the most part have been sitting open-mouthed at the brazen affrontery of some of the statements coming out of the new Government. For all their posturing, this is most certainly going to be the most cycnical and value-free Government this country has experienced since the mid-Victorian era.

Making hurried cuts mid-year is always hard - the absence of detailed planning means that these cuts can bite hardest. Residents can be sure that whatever the LibDem/Tory coalition may decree from Westminster, Labour locally will do everything it can to protect the services residents value most.


james said...

What is amazing is that Vince Cable argued it was the Greek crisis that prompted the LibDems to change their minds.

But with governments across Europe declaring an Age of Austerity, that makes it more likely that export-led growth be slowed down, making in-year cuts to spending even more risky to the recovery.

Condemned by the Lib's. said...

We are Condemned Nick, sold out by the cowardly lib's for a taste of power, well make the most of it. I think it could be a while before your "vote Yellow, get Blue" supporters will believe you again let alone vote for you again! I won't!

No one knows where or what is happening witht the BSF funding for our town schools (but we all fear the worst) I like Nick am gob smacked at just how easily and without guilt the Lib's have sold out not only it's self as a party but it's voters too.

We all knew what Cameroon would do but for the "Deputy PM" (what a made up name that is, just give us your support and we will give you a nice title) to go along with him beggars belief. Next they will be supporting trident?

I think the biggest backlash in town will come by way of Hurworth Ward next May if they loose their school funding as they have 2 Lib's as Ward Cllr's this could spell the end for the village of the Dems.

Labour will not ever get back in there either due to the school closure/merger of recent years where there is still intense hatred of the DBC leader so no Labour either, step in the Con's again, after we just rid ourselves of them out here.

How often will this patern repeat itself across the country we are totally doomed for a few months of glory for Clegg :(

Cameron hater ! said...

Is it not time the greedy bankers helped out?

The Gov "bailed" them out when they were stuck yet the top people still seem to be getting big bonus's is it not time for the Robin Hood tax and not just the 0.05% people are talking about but a FULL 1% let them help out.

Greedy parasites, but no Cameron et al will give them all tax breaks and try to avoid the RH Tax like the plague as it will impact on all his rich chums.

As if any of the top people in the Gov give a stuff about the old,ill or poor when they are already millionaire's before taking office, why don't they do it for free if the job means that much to them....NO I didn't think so Davey!

Anonymous said...

This site is becoming one for spleen venting wih no logical arguments being put forward. Mike Barker's blog is much more civilized marked with intelligent comments.

james said...

Anonymous - my comment gave an economic argument against rushed deficit reduction, citing the likelihood of reduced consumption in Britain's major export market. The comment following mine argued that the Tories could win the Hurworth ward from the Lib Dems, again with a logical argument . The third commenter made the argument that those with the broadest shoulders should carry the burden, particularly in light of the public rescue of the financial sector. Now, you might disagree with these logical arguments - but you cannot say the comments lack intelligence.