Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tick Tock

Half-an-hour til polls close, my friends - so if you have just come in from work, please do go and vote.

I've spent the day taking numbers and chatting to residents on the polling station at St Bede's Primary School in my ward, when I haven't been out knocking on doors reminding people to vote for Jenny.

My overriding impression from the day has been - it's been bloody cold!. Still it was great 'knocking out' the vote, especially when Jenny joined us this afternoon.

It's almost suicidally dangerous making predictions this close to the count, but my strong sense is that Labour's vote firmed up appreciably in the last few days before polling, and that Jenny should be our new MP.

I'm off to the count now though, and will be blogging from there (within the Electoral Registration Officer's guidelines, of course) so do stay tuned for early impressions of what the various parties are saying.

I'll be taking my Flip video with me, and hope to have some exclusive film from proceedings which I'll put up tomorrow.

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