Saturday, May 15, 2010

Radio Silence

Well, it's been over a week now since the election, and three days since Dave n' Nick's gooey tryst in the Downing Street garden.

With their parties now finally wielding power after 13 long years in the wilderness (65 in the case of the LibDems) you might have thought that their various representatives here in Darlington would be fizzing with excitement about the new Government.

Alas, not. I guess we can forgive Mike Barker, who must be recovering from the strains of the campaign (as well as the jaw-dropping deal his party has done with the Tories). And Mike has found time to make some ultra-loyal comments on one comment thread here about his party selling-out its principles for a few Cabinet seats. Nothing yet on the Darlington LibDem website, though.

Meanwhile, the 'Feedback' section of the Darlington Future website is if anything going into reverse, having deleted the most recent (pre-polling day) entry. I see that Edward's own site has used my election night Facebook clip of the declaration (which is absolutely fine, by the way) and a nice brief goodbye note from the man himself.

From the silence, you might have thought that Darlington's Tories and LibDems were embarrassed and/or confused about what to say or think about their new chums in Government. They might want to turm their minds to what on earth they are going to say to local voters next time they meet.


ConDemned by the Fib's said...

Lib: Sorry mate sold you down the river for a bit of power. But please vote Lib at the next Borough Elections.

Man: you lying Lib B****** you will never get me vote again, please go away (read as FO)

Lib: But we stopped ID cards, and we have not sold out all our principles for power.

Man: yeh, yeh never knock at my door again, liars the lot of you, you sold out my LD vote to Cameron and the rich aristocracy!

Lib: No we didn't but we could not afford to force another general election our coffers are empty.

Man: Yeh, yeh, same old, same old enjoy it while you can traitors the lot of Yellow get Blue was right all the time. Just when is the illegal imigrant amnesty as you reclassify disability levels using non medically qualified persoel to get the eldery and sick of a higher rate of benefit and force more disabled people back into jobs that don't exist just to pay for these imigrants and their driving lessons and printing documents for them in 400 different languages?

Lib: But we must be realistic these people are here, shipping them home would be too easy, especially when in a year they can bring in their wives and families across and sponge more from us but who will remember our kindness and then vote for us.

Man: Or vote for their own candidate and impose Sharia law on us all once they have enough power.

Lib: But we will be getting rid of those nasty nuclear submarines.

Man: Yes so we will have to go cap in hand to the USA if we need protection!

Lib: We would build you wattle and daub security bunkers to protect you and your loved ones 100% green and bio-degradeable, powered by windmills with recycled urine to sustain you.

Man: Any spare Focus's I have just run out of Andrex?

Only in Britain vote Yellow get yellow.....cowards! Cleggy you have sealed the fate of the FibDem's for good!

james said...

I imagine Mike's not too happy. He was, after all, one of those who deserted Labour to set-up the SDP - the reason the Liberals have that Democrat bit stuck on the end.

When push comes to shove, you're either Labour or a Tory. Since the parliamentary Lib-Dems have opted for the Tories, thousands of their supporters have made the opposite switch, crashing Labour's website with their demand to join the only real opposition to the Tories.

Mike Barker said...

I agree with Charles.

Anonymous said...

James, when push comes to shove, some of us would still really shove Labour or Conservatives into the long grass. I have more in common with Labour policy than Conservative policy, but have yet more in common with Lib Dem policy than either of them. To be honest, I don't feel an awful lot in common with Labour policy particularly on what matters to me most. So that's where I voted Lib Dem. However, I do feel cheated, and despite my stance in the political sphere I'm sorely tempted to abandon Lib Dems since they've abandoned me. Possibly to Labour, possibly to Green, but it's a year till the next expected election and a lot of water can pass under the bridge before then.

Anonymous said...

If you been had been at Council you would have witnessed the group hug between us the Lib Dems before we went into the chamber and rumours of joint group meetings!
To be honest I am not sure what all the fuss is about really. As someone who works for the NHS in the community, where staff, resources and support is in short supply and where you have to often rely on partners and multi agency working to be able to look after our patients. Coalition working is second nature to me and I believe in just getting on with things to get the job done. Simplistic but very effective.

james said...

Glad to see Mike agrees with Mr Kennedy.

Gill - this doesn't compare to everyday life, does it? I don't imagine you work in coalition with millionaires (and, let's not forget Aschroft, billionaires) committed to making ordinary people pay the price for the banking collapse with massive cuts to public spending... Bit of a conflict of interest, no?

Sold Out said...

Gill you could vote for Clagard at the next election a toff crossed with a turncoat.

Sold Out said...

sorry should have read Clegard ;)

Mike Barker said...

Just in case anyone is in any doubt: Gill was being ironic! Not an easy thing to convey over the internet.

There was no joint group hug, no rumour, hint, chat, talk or suggestion of joint group meetings between ourselves and the Conservatives.

I didn't work my backside off to take our vote above 10,000 - and climbing - to jump into bed with the Tories.

james said...

You didn't jump into bed with the Tories, Mike - but the Orange Bookers that run your party did.

The Lib Dems are now providing a "progressive" fig leaf for Tory cuts designed to push the UK economy back into recession.

Ex-Labour said...

Mike said...

"I didn't work my backside off to take our vote above 10,000 - and climbing - to jump into bed with the Tories."

Maybe not but Cleggy has, making all "your hard work" not worth "a carrot"

It is not always about what you did as an individual but what you do as "a body corporate" and the Fib's actions speak louder than any words I can write....and no this is not irony not every remotly ironic....but unforgivable the only thing people will remember is vote Yellow get Blue!

james said...

I tried to get Mike to be clear on the outcome he would support well before the election, given the likelihood of a hung parliament. He wouldn't go further than describing the Tories as the party of "class and privilege".

Perhaps if Lib-Dem PPCs and councillors had spoken out publicly they could have rescued their party from a merger with the Tories.