Monday, May 03, 2010

PACT Meeting tomorrow

In the midst of the General Election campaign, usual ward business continues as normal.

Tomorrow evening at 6pm, the lastest Springfield PACT is being held. The venue is the new Salvation Army building on Thompson Street East. Again, it's a chance for the police to report back on the local priorities set by residents at the last meeting - they include anti-social behaviour, illegal motorbike riding and speeding at various locations around Springfield.

If you have an issue that you want raised, please do come along. Alternatively, email me and I will ensure that the matter is considered at the meeting.

After the PACT has concluded, there will be the first meeting of the reconvened Springfield STAR. This was the residents' and tenants association which lost momentum several years ago. Now Executive Committee member Alan Robinson, together with several other local residents, is keen to get it going again. It would be great to have an active residents' association in the southern part of the ward again.

So if you live in Springfield and want to have your say, please do come along tomorrow evening.

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Ian W said...

I remember the good old days when a PC or PCSO would come along to each months Parish Council meeting and give a breif monthly report 5-10 mins and off he went now we have to rely on PACT meetings to get our crime updates?

I know the Police are thin on the ground but surely 5 mins a month would not hurt, there are many out here in Hurworth who cannot get to either Neasham or MSG for the monthly PACT meeting and this year the Hurworth version has only fallen once in 5-6 months.

Come on residents without transport should be able to see an officer at a monthly Parish meeting is the state of the force so bad they cannot spare 5 mins a month. Just what does our percentage of the Police precept go on?

PACT's may be well and good for urban locations but out here in the sticks when we are on a 3 village rotation they are worse than useless according to the feedback I am getting.

Rant over.