Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A good start

David, Andy and I gave our sore feet a rest last night and went along to the Springfield PACT meeting.

It was probably the best meeting to date - I counted around 35 residents there. The meeting was dominated by talk about anti-social behaviour in various locations, including Hambleton Grove/Springfield Road, which I'll blog on specifically later. The police reported on some success they've had with their motorbike team visiting the area. Speeding remains an issue, and residents were encouraged to take part in the initiative. There will be Community Speed Watch session on Wylam Avenue and Thompson Street East this Friday.

I guess a few people came along too for the first meeting of the reformed Springfield STAR, which followed the PACT. There was a lot of enthusiasm amongst people who remembered how the previous residents' association had worked to get it going again, and a number of local residents signed up to help with the enterprise.

We're solidly behind the STAR, and will give it our full support. More news here as it happens.

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