Sunday, May 16, 2010


Unfortunately, I had to give my apologies for Council last Thursday. It was doubly unfortunate, however, as according to my blogging colleague Gill Cartwright, I missed

"the group hug between us [and] the Lib Dems before we went into the chamber and rumours of joint group meetings!"

From her experience of the NHS, Gill can't see what the problem is with the ConDem tie up at national and presumably now at local level. Maybe I'm showing my naievity here, but I'm staggered that the 2 parties here are contemplating a formal arrangement in advance of the next local elections.

Particularly for the LibDems, closing off options by formalising a relationship with the Tories at this early stage seems very brave. Mike Barker has spent a deal of time and effort establishing his party as a distinctive third voice in local politics. He will appreciate what his smaller party has to lose from being irrecoverably linked with the town's right wing group.

I guess local LibDem and Tory parties will respond differently to the coalition around the country - it seems here in Darlington they may effectively work as a single entity. Quite how the electorate respond is anyone's guess.


Mike Barker said...

Sigh. She was joking, Nick. Sadly, postings on the internet are not the best way to convey irony.

Mike Cartwright said...

Just to be clear and allay your concerns, I can confirm I for one have never hugged Mike Barker :-)

Anonymous said...

Gotcha. Hook, line and sinker.

Ex-Labour said...

The electorate will respond with a resounding vote of no confidence in the Fib's, just as Mike was leading them out of the dark ages and offering them some hope of future power in Darlington Cleggy has thrown them back into the ice age by jumping into bed with toff Cameroon.

I genuinely feel sorry for Mike all that hard work to be frittered away by an unholy alliance, just for the sniff of power because thats all it will be Cleggy is no more deputy Prime Minister than I will ever be, he got the title to get the seats required.

Nick have no fear come next year the voters will speak with their X's on polling day and we will see what they think of the vote Yellow get Blue scheme.

An old Gov. advert used to say "where ever there is a scheme, there is a schemer" look to Number 10 folks.

old,poor,ill & unemployed said...


This ring any bells with your Tory mates or Cleggy and their hair brained plans to lead us out of recession?

"As always, when businessmen catch a chill, it is the poor, the old, the ill and the unemployed who go down with pneumonia."

I voted Yellow & got Blue... but Blue & Yellow make Green, but clearly only the Fib's were Green in this deal with the Devil :(

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Ok Ex Labour and old poor, ill and unemployed what form of Government would you have advocated last Tuesday when the General Election was inconclusive?

There had to be a Government created which would bring stability to the economic markets, to prevent the pound collapsing on international money markets and reducing the deficit which Labour built up. These objectives are being achieved.

Like it or not, restoring the health of economy is the single most important issue from which all aspects of our lives in this country depend. We cannot live on credit. We cannot go on borrowing money to pay the bills. There will come a point which only the Coalition realise where the country could be refused any more credit and could well go bankrupt. The lessons of Greece are stark, real and frightening and could happen here.

From talking to a large number of people since last Tuesday, all are in total agreement with the Coalition and are genuinely shocked by the fact that Labour has left the economy in such a ruinous state.

Ex-Labour thinking of returning said...

@ Alan

Personally I would have cut loose all the dead wood from Nu Labour (Brown,milliband and especially Mandy) and found a new leader that people liked and trusted, it may not be about the leader but personality and peoples impressions do go so far in how people vote.

I agree the health of the economy is paramount, I just dont think Dave's toff's are the boyo's to do it..what ho!

Yes there are equally many things about Labour which were plain stupid, ID cards being my main gripe and the illusion that is still being perpetuated from them about the jobs that will be lost in Durham when NONE have been created??

However we in Darlington as a town were looking at new schools to update our old outdated ones, GONE!!! it would seem, unless Phil and Jenny pulled something out the bag yesterday which I very much doubt.

There is rumour of OAP and disabled bus passes being withdrawn/ not renewed, fuel allowance at Xmas revoked, many disabled and ill people (not the dole scroungers) are being reclasified as able for work when they are in reallity not, just to lower their benefit entitlement which many of them already struggle to live on with their extra needs.

The return of fox hunting and probably the return of smoking in public has been also rumoured.(reaches for Cuban cigar...Top Ho)

So no Labour were not ideal as were/are many of it's top brass.

Personally I would not have been so bothered if the Lib's had won outright although I disagree with trident and amnesty for illegal imigrants from their manefesto.

But there was nothing at all I liked from the Tory one. Finally as for Labour leaving the "economy in such a ruinous state." I cannot comment as I have seen no proof only scaremongering and propogander at a standard Gerbal's would have been proud of, about such things, I will conceed that it has not left it brilliant, but Cameron is out for the rich and ONLY the rich and the poor, the ill, the disabled and the old aged will be in the front line and the first to fall foul of his plans when it should be those not from this Country that should be the first to be clamped down upon, imigrants with no jobs, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers that have come through 17 other countrys yet waited to get here to claim, just to claim here etc. you get my drift.

There should be another general election called ASAP, but I am sure Cleggy would not want that now he has smelt and touch pretendy power (lets not delude ourselves on that one), as that is all it is and after in the eyes of it's voters selling the many Yellow voters out for this chance of power, he knows his percentage for the next election can only drop. He has made a deal with the devil and the entire party shall reap his rewards.

"He who sews the wind, must be prepared to reap the whirlwind"

Yellow has become a thing of the past and I genuinely feel sorry for those Lib's up and down the Country who have leafleted and campaigned throughout this election to build up it's electrate base only to be let down in the end by another Toff disguised as a "normal bloke" their leader Cleggy!

Save our Schools!!!!!! said...

@ Alan

From Mike Cartwrights Blog.....

YESTERDAY about BSF and it's posible effects when it fails, on Darlington's hopes for a rebuild.

"This unfortunately leaves opportunities for the doom and gloom brigade or Lib Dems as they are sometimes known"

This Alan is an example of the contempt the Tory toffs have for you and your Fib Dem Buddies. Yes they loved you when you are giving them power, but once they have it you are "the doom and gloom brigade".

Sold out and now it appers down and out. These remember are your choice of bedfellows :(

ianh said...

Hust posted the following on Mike Cartwrights blog.....

Of course the desire to see all our schools refurbished is a "no-brainer"
However, to call concerns raised re the review of BSF "scaremongering" is quite inappropriate.
I can only speak as parent with kids of Hurworth, but i see everyday the need for massive investment.
Lets face it, the Tories history for building state schools is pretty dire (did they build/rebuild any in darlington 1979-97?)
I was educated in the Thatcher years and recall only too well having to share 1 (old)text book between 3 and 30+ to a class.
Then we have Gove proposing his pet "free school" programme, where will the money come from for them, if not at the expense of existing schools?

I am sure BSF is far from perfect but many projects have been developed over months/years to get to this point, only to see the plans stalled or even cancelled.

It is not scaremongering to express these concerns, the politicians must be made aware of the urgent action required to ensure no further decay in our building infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

At least we didnt get stuck with Labour still in government.

BSF Bloody Silly Fib's said...


You are correct we went from one unelected Prime Minister to two unelected Prime Ministers.

A great advancement in democracy I think NOT!. The Fib's have sold out, especially I think in Hurworth as Ianh points out as there are 2 Fib Dems's out here and it is looking like Hurworth has lost all hope for a new much needed school rebuild under the ConDemned pact.

Just how when it comes to elction time will the 2 Fib Councillor's convince the good residents of Hurworth to vote Fib when by their leaders actions they are no longer are getting a new much needed school.

The Hurworth "safe seat" that the Fib's hold on Darlington Council is suddenly now not looking so safe at the moment... more like a 15 year old rickety deck chair along the Blackpool sea front.

What next teaching in tents?

ianh said...

In relation to Hurworth school, there seems to be a recogntion that it is in deperate need of rebuilding.(as illustrated on yetserdays bbc tv Politics Show)

That being the case, would it not be in the interests of the people of the Borough for all the local parties to lobby together for this investment.

This could be seen as being entirely consistant with each parties history in relation to Hurworth.
The lib-dems an tories having suported the school during its campaign to remains open, and labour following their efforts to access the bsf funding.

So how about a grand coallition of cllrs prepared to lobby together for our childrens futures?


We are ConDemned said...


Great idea if those involved can overcome their ego's and not want to claim the credit for it and their party if achieved.

Can they do this, they do all work for us...YES, they can.

Will they, I would like to think so but cannot see it.

Someone will always want the credit for it and this will be the downfall for Hurworth Kids. :(

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

I called early last week for an all party and representatives from governors and staff of the three schools to come together to press for the orginal £57M to be honoured and for the three schools to be rebuilt/refurbished as a matter of urgency.

I remember 5 years ago when the Council was trailing the closure of Hurworth School round the governing bodies in the Borough we were shown a powerpoint presentation of the shocking state of the buildings at Hurworth. Here we are 5 years on the buildings at Hurworth School are still in the same or indeed a much worse state of disrepair. Hurworth School needs rebuilding completely from the ground upwards.

ianw said...

Here, here Alan.

ianh said...

Totally with Alan on that one.
What say you cllrs?

ianh said...

I ma delighted to learn that all the local parties are indeed working togther to lobby for the much needed school investment. This is backed up by the support of the local MPs.

Lets hope the ministers are listening.....