Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Trouble in Littlebeck Drive

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman interview after door-knocking in Hau

Cllr. Nick Wallis | MySpace Video

We had our first door-knocking and street surgery sessions today since the General Election.

It was great that our new Labour MP Jenny Chapman was able to join us as we chatted to residents in Inglewood Close and Martindale Road. We targetted these streets (together with Littlebeck Drive) after receiving fresh complaints about the operation of the waste disposal facility in the factory opposite Rockwell Pastures on Albert Hill. Resident after resident told us about the factory operating outside the permitted times, and about the wood dust it spews into the atmosphere. Understandably, residents who have children with lung complaints were particularly anxious.

As I write this, a series of emails are on their way to officers in the Environmental Health and Planning Enforcement teams. Jenny's on the case too, and we'll all be looking for speedy action to deal with this rogue operator.

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