Friday, May 07, 2010


Labour 16,000
Tories 13,000
Libdems 10,000


Jenny Chapman is elected!


Paul Cain said...

A 9 percent swing from Labour to the Tories.

if that continues across the country, you're cooked

Your vote down 6000 on last time (and Ladbrokes had you at 1/7 to take the seat)

Still: those who voted for you were bought and paid for by public money.

Next time round, Darlington will be a marginal

miketually said...


ianh said...

Close indeed.
if the tories cannot win a clear majority after the iraq war debacle and the global economic meltdown (as well as Browns personal unpopularity) they never will.
This was there best chance and they blew it...they must be gutted.

Well done to Jenny, will be good to see a local face representing the town at the highest level.

Now the fun really begins.

Ian W said...

must agree Ian if they cannot do it this time with all the expenses scandal etc. It will be harder from now on in.

Another bit of political suicide was to stand a candidate from outside the Town sorry make that the County, if I have a problem I would at least like the person to have a rough idea of where I was talking about.

I wonder who in DBC-HQ are worried now and if heads will be rolling?