Sunday, April 18, 2010

Survey Results

Tied up with the election, I didn't manage to blog on the results of our survey on anti-social behaviour in Riverside Way and Wheeldale Close in the ward.

It would appear that anti-social behaviour is a problem experienced by a number of residents in the area, although positively, more householders told us that this was not the case for them – especially at the upper and lower ends of Riverside Way. 13 households told us they had contacted the police or the council, and again it is good to report that their experiences were broadly positive. At the same time, there was a strong feeling that police patrols in the area should be stepped up.

The survey was triggered by the problem caused by the snickets that exist around Wheeldale Close and Riverside Way, reported at the last Springfield PACT meeting. There was support for their closure by a majority of over 3 to 1, although strong opinions were also voiced against their removal.

The other principle problems described by residents were in respect of illegal motor and quad bikes on the open space by the Skerne, and road safety concerns.

We have passed the results of the survey to the police, the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team and the Planning Department and asked for their comments. We have also reported the other issues to the relevant council officers, and asked for action.

When we have the feedback, we will be writing to the residents again with the outcome. Quadbikes and illegal motorcyclists come up again and again around the ward as issues of concern.

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miketually said...

Speaking of ASB along there...

I've been meaning to contact the council for a while about cars parking on the grass by the track to the footbridge, at the bottom of Hutton Avenue.

Initially, this was just out of concern for the state it's making of the grass, and the mud it spreads onto the cyclepath.

However, last weekend while riding down there with my daughter, a woman reversed her car off the grass onto the path only missing my daughter, who was riding her bike down the path, by inches because I shouted and she luckily had her window open.

Is there anything that can be done to stop cars parking there, rather than 50 metres away on the road, before taking their dog for a walk?