Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Straws in the Wind

I can't remember any election in the last 20 years in which first-time voters may play such a pivotal role as 2010.

They're a key demographic for all the main parties - so the outcome of today's mock election at our QE 6th Form takes on particular significance. It has been reported to me that the results were as follows;

Labour: 61 votes (52%)
LibDems: 30 votes (30%)
Tories: 20 votes (18%)

That suggests that Jenny Chapman has a clear lead amongst younger voters, with the LibDems easily outstripping the Tories. Interesting times!


miketually said...

Turnout was around 11%, so perhaps not the most useful poll :)

Then factor in the number of QE's students who come from outside the constituency and that most of them are under 18...

Most I've talked to seem to be 50/50 Lab/Lib.

The most clued up that I've talked to is actually a member of the Labour party. He's 17 :)

Darlington Councillor said...

Point taken, Mike.

The great thing about this election, however it turns out, is that young people are definitely much more engaged than before, and not necessarily voting simply how their parents vote, but thinking things through for themselves.

miketually said...

Absolutely. I can't remember discussing the last election with them at all.

Facebook and the TV debates?

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes.....

Nick. That poll was carried out ages ago well before the Leadership Debates and before the surge to the Liberal Democrats got under way.

I wonder what it would look like if it was carried out this week or early next week. I think that the result may well be very different especially with the 'I agree with Nick' scoring well amongst the young people. Read Peter Barron's Facebook about the surge to the Liberal Democrats at Hurworth School.

I know Hurworth is in Sedgefield constituency but young people are definitely identifying with the Liberal Democrats and the Tories because they see before them two fresh faced, youthful looking leaders with good ideas and policies which they can identify with such as abolishing tuition fees, helping them to get a job which will last and not paying too much in tax when they do get a job.

Anonymous said...

He's gone and done it again your sad apology for a leader. Gordon was heard to utter an insult about a pensioner into his microphone. do you want to revise your predictions about the General Election Councillor. At this rate Jenny's a racing certainty for third place. No wonder she is worried. Panic stricken would be a better description.

She aint going to Parliament and will have to content herself as a minor politician of little signicance and with little to say. Just like you.

Now who is it has gone over to the Lib Dems?

Anonymous said...

You should get together with Broon and form a double act. Him and you are the best vote losers Labour have ever had. The Two Wallys

Paul Cain said...

Just seen the 'bigot' footage and, worse, just seen the later reaction of the woman Brown insulted.

She could have been an ordinary grandmother from Darlington - and she's as far from a bigot as you could possibly imagine.

I invite everyone to watch her reaction. The hurt she feels is evident and is quite difficult to watch.

This, in a nutshell, is why it is imperative to vote for anyone who will eject the Labour party.

This incident sums up the last 13 years: bullying, lies and deceit.

Labour is a disgusting, gut-churning disgrace, devoid of any shred of decency and in it only for themselves.

A new low, even by Labour's standards.

Mike Barker said...
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Mike Barker said...

What Mrs Duffy said is what we've been hearing constantly for three weeks on the doorstep.

The fact that GB seemed to think that what she said marked her out as a bigot shows how out of touch he is with what ordinary people think.

If she's a bigot in his eyes, then so are millions of other people he wants to continue to lead. But she isn't a bigot: she's just expressing a commonly held view which happens to be critical of what his Government has done, which she's perfectly entitled to do.

Mike Barker said...

And by the way Nick, your figures are demonstrably incorrect and anyway, as others have said, would not be replicated if they were to vote again now.

The words straws and clutching come to mind.

Darlington Councillor said...

Just on that last point, Mike - yes, well spotted. Labour's vote was only artificially increased by around 150%! I will correct now.

The percentages were correct, however.

If only it were that easy on May 6th!