Friday, April 16, 2010

Northern Decision Makers

Not sure what to think about the Leaders' Debate last night? Perplexed as to who's up and who's down as General Election campaigning hots up? Then simply sit back and enjoy the revived Northern Decision Makers as Graham Robb (for the Tories) myself for Labour and LibDem Cllr. David Stoker from Durham County Council chew the fat, all ably compered by Chris Lloyd from the Northern Echo. You can see the programme in full here.

(The bit where Graham and David tear into each other probably presages the Cameron/Clegg spat to come in the next Leader's Debate.)

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Anonymous said...

My assessment of the runners and riders:

Chair: gets more manic with every passing day, but astutely recognised that the two old hands had carefully pushed the Lib Dem to the far end of the set, hidden behind a pillar from one camera angle, and brought him into the debate as often as possible;

Rob Graham: all spin and no substance. Hasn't bothered to study the various party policies, was factually wrong several times and merely trots out the old soundbites;

Wally: who chooses your ties? Thoughtful (not your dress sense!) responses, but hamming it up as usual;

Bloke slumped on the end: best answers, clearly knows his stuff and talks sense, but muscled out by the big party bullies.

Next time: put the underdog in a central position: keep the old chums Rob and Wally apart and away from centre stage.