Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jenny Chapman makes the Case for Children's Centres

After some campaigning in Springfield last Thursday, Labour's PPC here in Darlington Jenny Chapman came down with us to look at the site of the proposed Children's Centre.

Fortunately, unlike (ahem) one of her competitors, Jenny doesn't need a script or a film crew to speak about issues that matter to her - she gave her thoughts directly to me via my Flip camera.


james said...

Video isn't working, Nick.

wally watcher said...

Thank god the video isnt working I've seen less scary women in Prisoner Cell Block H!

Spare us Wally leave the video off, I dont think the world ready for seeing her in motion yet!

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously scary screen shot. Goes nicely with your opening line when you pan to her: "Jenny...not a lot to look at, at the moment."

You have managed to make an attractive woman look like a witch, trying to make herself heard over a Force 10 gale.

Want Graham's phone number?

james said...

wally watcher and Anonymous (or is it just the one person - Sid the Sexist?) substance matters more than style.

I think it's great that more are benefiting from children's centres.

It's a disgrace that the Tories are proposing to limit access to children's centres. So much for being family friendly!