Friday, March 05, 2010

I 'ad that John Denham in the cab once...

Spear carriers. Written off as the smallest of the bit parts in Shakespeare. But where would the history of great men (and women) be without them?

So on Thursday lunchtime, it was pleasure to drive the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government John Denham MP round Darlington, as he visited the town. The Northern Echo has already covered John's review of the town centre shops initiative here.

I hadn't met John before - he's an engaging bloke, and was genuinely interested in events here in the town. I took him from the Town Hall up to Branksome Science College, where he met the headteacher and our PPC Jenny Chapman, who of course represents the Cockerton West ward where the school is sited.

Branksome is of course one of the school which will be benefitting shortly from the Buidling Schools for the Future initiative. The school also has an enviable record in promoting sustainability, which John was able to review.

It was good, though, just to chat to John as we zipped (at 28mph, of course) around Darlington heading for appointments. As the MP for Southampton Itchen, John has a strong record in local campaigns (it was a seat he prised off the Tories in 1992 after a couple of unsuccessful attempts), and we swapped experiences of various campaigning techniques. One in particular that John recommended will be unleashed on the people of Darlington in the not too distant future...


Anonymous said...

Care to comment Councillor on the Fraud Squad being called in to investigate the Jenny Chapman campaign leaflet produced by officers of DBC?

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