Thursday, March 11, 2010

Election Law for Slow Learners

I see that the outcry over the Tories' recent leaflet has made it to the Echo today, together with confirmation that the authorities have been alerted.

In his comments, Tory election supremo Charles Johnson does what any good agent should do, and loyally tries to protect his candidate. So we learn that both Charles and Edward checked the copy that was sent to the printers, and the imprint was there. A pesky computer was apparently to blame for its subsequent non-appearance on the leaflet.

Apparently, the Tories now have introduced another stage for checking proofs before they are despatched.

History, alas, has repeated itself in the wrap-around puff for Captain Legwarmer which accompanied this week's Advertiser. No imprint once more. Neither was there any complete address identifying who promoted the material.

The Tories are now giving every impression of a bunch of amateurs who are delighting in flicking the V's at the bodies who oversee elections. I can confirm that a complaint from Labour was emailed yesterday.

This nonsense from the Tories has to stop.


Paul Cain said...

So the Tories either cocked up or were victims of a software error.

Tell you what: When they are guilty of screw ups of the magnitude of the Pedestrian Heart, the Eastern Transport etc etc etc ad nauseam, as Jenny Chapman was, then perhaps you'll get someone to listen to this kind of petty nonsense.

(As an aside, with the bookies quoting 1-7 against the Tories in Darlo, you DO seem to be making an awful lot of fuss about the Conservative candidate. I'm a regular reader of your site. I remember your very long absences at the turn of the year. Yet now we are treated to three or four posts in as many days about Legard.

Why, Councillor? Why?)

I also wonder why the Tories have not started a well-funded attack on your candidate.

Not just regarding her association with so many mistakes at the level of Darlington Council.

But the Facebook, Twitter and video entries I have seen of her strike me as - how shall we put this - rather unimpressive (I'm being polite)?

Unlikely as it is, me living overseas, I'd really love to see her face to face against Legard and Mike Barker.

Legard is a barrister: He might be, politically, a plonker, but he is evidently very able, personally.

Try becoming a barrister yourself, Councillor.
You'd fail.

And Mike Barker (last time I was home he gave me some useful advice on vitamins) has the balls to run his own business, apparently very successfully.

I confess, I think his politics are a little anaemic for my taste, but I admit anyone who owns one of the few independent, well-thought out and useful local business in Darlington town centre, has real credibility when he takes it to a political level.

In comparison, Jenny Chapman is a Labour drone.

A mere robot.

Her words and thoughts and deeds are controlled and scripted and I sincerely, wonder if she is capable of party-independent political thought?

There is no evidence of it so far.

Can you tell us what public debates are planned: Where and when?

You do realise that Barker and Legard will eat her up and spit her out, don't you?

One final thought: For a Labour member to be lecturing others on election law takes the entire packet of biscuits.

This, from the party that introduced electoral fraud to the UK 'that would disgrace a banana Republic'
in the form of postal voting.


Anonymous said...

Er...we like her cos she is normal and has got off her arse and done something for teens in Darlington. She's top and we're all voting for her.

Anonymous said...

Council insider says........

Paul Just to add officers of the Council are producing cards which support Jenny Chapman.

We know what is going on and are not voting for her.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Paul bring it on – Jenny would rip them to threads. I’ve seen all three in action and believe me Jenny knows her stuff. Captain Legwarmer only knows what his Tory willywarmers tell him, he hasn’t got a clue!

Anonymous said...

and a quick check on The Northern Echo website show that Jenny Chapman wasn't on the council when pedestrian heart or tesco happened. The Tories don't like her because they know people in darlington know her and like her for what she's done off her own bat. Breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Actually the words are rip them to shreads not rip them to threads. Your nickname for Edward Legard is insulting and shows what a nasty party Labour really are. Grow up and that includes you Councillor Thorne-Wallis. By the way what ever happened to the Thorne?

miketually said...

The comments from Clly Johnson in the Echo article make it sound like it was impossible to stop the leaflets from being delivered after they'd been alerted to the lack of required information.

There was a couple of days delay between Mike and Nick blogging about the matter and one being put through my door. Surely they could have phoned the pizza places and asked them not to deliver the leaflets?

Anonymous said...

what's pizza places got 2 do with it?

miketually said...

"what's pizza places got 2 do with it?"

The Conservative leaflets were apparently being delivered by the people who put pizza parlour menus through the doors, rather than by local party activists.

Mine arrived on the same day as one of those charity-bag-that's-not-a-charity-bags, rather than a pizza leaflet, but I wasn't in so i don't know if they were delivered by the same person.

Anonymous said...

What has Jenny Chapman done for Darlington?

Has she made Darlington a better place. Nope. Has she improved the standards in education? Nope. Has she provided jobs for the kids when they leave school? Nope.

Why does Darlington have record numbers of people including kids admitted to hospital for alcohol related illnesses and why do we have record numbers of teenage pregnancies?

Anonymous said...

dont think she ever said she had a magic wand, but she has improved standards in education since you ask. And started charities, and sorted out crime on our estate, and is someone you can talk to and be listened to. oh and she knows her way around Darlington without an a-z. She's done more for this town than the other candidates combined. The Tories know it and they're not happy.

Darlo_Man said...

The labour candidate will not bring anything to Darlington, just as the Labour govt have brought nothing to the UK. Everyone knows that she'll just be another alan Milburn; off on lucrative jobs and moving away from Darlington to London. I think that the Tories or the Lib-Dems deserve a chance here in the forgotten labour heartland. Labour will bring nothing else but rising crime figures, a bust economy, a failing NHS and bad schools. We need to send Labour a message, and there is no other place better to do that than the North East.

Anonymous said...

like to see all three go head to head you say... well they all had an opportunity to do just that at the Darlington College. jenny and mike turned up but again legwarmer could not make it but sent along two of his drones who were as rubbish as ever! 

Anonymous said...

like to see all three go head to head you say... well they all had an opportunity to do just that at the Darlington College. jenny and mike turned up but again legwarmer could not make but sent along two of his drones who were as rubbish as ever! 

Anonymous said...

like to see all three go head to head you say... well they all had an opportunity to do just that at the Darlington College. jenny and mike turned up but again legwarmer could not make but sent along two of his drones who were as rubbish as ever! 

james said...

The most pressing question facing us is the economy. Right now, government assistance is taking the place of private investment which has slumped during the global crisis.

The economy is recovering, but is fragile. The Tories insist slash and burn will lead to growth - but their policies would deprive manufacturing of support and leave the regions of England without agencies to attract investment and nurture enterprise and employment.

Though Mike and the Lib-Dems seem to be catching up on the need to be cautious with deficit reduction - most estimates are for growth to strengthen and stabilise by 2013 - the Tories are still flip-flopping.

Jenny is no drone - yes, she appears nervous on the video, but then, we can't all be slick salesmen like Cameron.

There's nothing stopping people asking her questions - and you'll find that she's very much of her own mind and determined to serve the people of Darlington.