Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Rising

I had hoped to get along to Trimdon today to hear Tony speak - alas mountainous work (and ward) commitments got in the way.

It's a shame, because I was going to take my Flip video along and record some of the proceedings. I'd even mentally sketched out an accompanying blog post, based around an Easter/Crucifixion/Resurrection theme. Believe me, it wouldn't have been in the least cliched (ahem).

It's doubly a pity because regular correspondent to this blog Paul Cain from across the pond challenges me in the previous thread on what I think about our former PM entering the race. Paul is in truth not Tony's biggest fan, and I was slightly surpised that he stopped at describing him as Lord Voldemort - surely He Who Can't Be Named is a mere toddler in wickedness compared to our former PM?

In truth, it's instructive that much of the right-wing blogosphere has got a fit of the vapours over this modest intervention. Watching the ridiculous Eric Pickles and slimy Chris Huhne on Newsnight tonight bluster and weave, you can see that Tony is still a potent force for Labour amongst the public.

Tony remains (until Gordon beats the record in 2024) Labour's most successful leader, with 3 election victories. Much more importantly, for this campaign, he can articulate key principles and dividing lines between ourselves and the Tories like no other British politician. I saw him do it countless times in speeches here in the North East and at Conference. It must be making Tory election planners break into a cold sweat - a pithy couple of lines from our ex-PM trumps any number of negative poster lorries they send round the country.

So expect the attacks and smears on Tony in the likes of the Mail and the Murdoch press to continue - they've invested heavily in Cameron winning (lietrally in the case of the Murdoch press). What Labour strategists know is that Tony Blair will play a small but significant part in winning the argument for Labour as we approach election day.


Anonymous said...

Afternoon Councillor Thorne-Wallis. Take a look at the eleven comments posted on the Echo website here to see how much your darling Tony and Labour are loved in the heartland.


Looks like the cuddly old agent isnt so loveable after all.

Darlington Councillor said...

I respect opinion from a variety of sources, but not yet another bunch of BNP sock puppets on the Echo website.

I assume the majority of BNP activists are unemployed/unemployable/under suspension from work, given the amount of time they seem to be able to spend posting nonsense on the internet!

Anonymous said...

One would think you hadn't a job looking at how much time you spend on your silly blogs and your computer...

Anonymous said...

My the first posting on here has really upset you Councillor judging by your response. Could it be that at last people have finally discovered that the great New Labour project is built on shall we say, questionable means to stifle opposition and dissenting voices? What say you dear Councillor.

Paul Cain said...

Arrived back in the UK yesterday to see that the Tory lead now averages around 8 per cent in the polls - a marked increase since, ahem, Tony Blair made his return.

The central point is this: What does it say about the standing of Gordon Brown when Labour's election campaign is being dominated by Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson?

Blair: A liar who caused hundreds of thousands of deaths by taking part in the illegal war in Iraq.

Peter Mandelson: A liar who ought to be in prison for mortgage fraud.

And yet, Labour relies on them because, evidently, Labour thinks Gordon Brown would be even less popular.

Brown can't even achieve the status of a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

I see you have rolled out the oily Milliband brothers aka Jedward of the Labour Party to spearhead your campaign. Things must be getting desperate.