Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dazed and Confused

If you are in the slightest bit concerned with the calibre of the person who will lead this country for the next 4 - 5 years, I urge you to take a glance at this Channel 4 News piece. It's film of David Cameron's interview with a Gay Times journalist, and went out yesterday. I had to watch the middle section between my fingers. Truly - car crash TV.

And as the report makes clear, it vindicates everything Labour has been saying about Cameron and his brand of Conservatism - apparently modern and responsive, but in fact nothing more than a thin veneer. The homophobic (and racist) allies the Tories choose to comport with in the European Parliament give the lie to that.

I simply can't imagine any recent British Prime Minister floundering over his core beliefs in the way Cameron does here. As I shall blog later, their campaign is beginning to fall apart.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dave when will you get it right?

Anonymous said...

Nice try Councillor. You cannot say that Gay Times is a serious organ - oh sorry for the pun. The vast majority of the public dont know it exists. Your commie brothers and sisters in the unions are making damn sure New Labour dont win.

What about you commenting on 3 year old kids not getting into their local school and having to be taxied across town to school? Now that really is Stalinism, but par for the course for dear old DBC.

Anonymous said...

"If you are in the slightest bit concerned with the calibre of the person who will lead this country for the next 4 - 5 years"

It's ok for the leader to blatently lie to the Chilcott Inquiry and then retract his statement though?

james said...

Another car-crash clip here:

That's the Tories international development spokesman in the European Parliament arguing against a financial transaction tax to raise funds to tackle poverty...

Paul Cain said...

Tell you what, when Cameron sells off the country's gold reserves at historically low prices (and warns the market weeks in advance that he's going to do so), or claims that he has abolished boom and bust, then we'll have a serious talk about competence and calibre.

Councillor: The Tories have weak spots, but the competence of their leader is not one that New Labour can exploit with confidence.

Apart from debt, deceit and authoritarianism, the hallmark, the very trademark of the Labour government since 1997, has been incompetence.

None of them have ever had proper jobs - very New Labour, that - so they can't really run anything.

And, yes, if you like, I'l produce a list of cock-ups and screw-ups by your party.

The fact that you are focusing on a little-seen and little remarked-upon interview about gay rights in eastern Europe, is telling.

If I were you, I'd be focusing on the fact that you bribed millions of public sector workers for their votes and now they owe you at the ballot box.

Much more effective, I think, than this.