Monday, March 29, 2010

The boys are back in town

Great news from Graham Robb, my old political sparring partner, that Northern Decision Makers is going to be resurrected during the General Election Campaign.

Regular readers will remember that it has been the only North East politics-based programme on the internet. Previous guests included MP's Phil Wilson, Nick Brown, Alan Milburn, Helen Goodman, William Hague and the late Ashok Kumar.

The format will be tweaked slightly, and will take the form of a panel discussion featuring Graham (for the Tories), myself and a Liberal Democrat. The Northern Echo's respected Deputy Editor Chris Lloyd will host the show and try and keep order.

The first programme should be recorded on 16th April 2010, the day after the initial televised Leaders' Debate, and will run weekly until the end of the campaign.

I hope we can capture a sense of the key issues affecting voters here in the North East, rather than the tiresome Westminster perspective, as well as news from the key battleground seats up here. It should be good fun.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that Legard will do more good for Darlo in a week that the other part timer name? (couldn't remember it) did in all his years of pretence

Paul Cain said...

Talking of the boys being back in town, what do you think about Tony Blair's re-entry into domestic politics this morning, Councillor?

Surely Gordon Brown, the towering intellect, 'the best chancellor ever' (snigger), the man who saved the world' (chortle), doesn't need his hand holding by his predecessor?

And how do you think the Labour heartlands will take to the return of a man who is now a multi-millionaire, has half a dozen homes and runs a rather dodgy faith-based foundation here on the east coast of the United States, where he mixes with some very odd types?

He's hardly a horny-handed son of toil, is he Councillor?

And, of course, he's the man who first made lying part of New Labour's political policy, when he invaded Iraq.

What do you think, Councillor?

Has the prodigal son returned, or has Lord Voldemort just entered the building?

Anonymous said...

Well the return of Bliar has certainly done the trick. Postings on blogs has been at record levels today. All of the comments have been hostile and filled with deep hatred and contempt. Bliar must be the most hated and despised Labour politician ever.