Thursday, February 18, 2010

William flies in

I wouldn't normally promote a video interview with William Hague, even one recorded by distinguished Echo Deputy Editor Chris Lloyd. This is a very special video, however, for several reasons;

(1) Edward Legard (true to form) sits uncomfortably and says nowt throughout.
(2) Hague's answers are unbelievably stilted. Did Chris record this at 5am?
(3) For the wonderful 'cameo' appearance by leading Darlington Tory Charles "Chuck" Johnson at the start of the interview. Classic!

Unortunately, I don't know how to get a live feed of the interview to this blog - if anyone does, please tell!


Anonymous said...

Classic, indeed. Look carefully and you'll see that Charles is coming out of the Gents. Good job he "tidied himself up" before he came out.

james said...

Not surprising if he doesn't say much. Must be hard to work out what Tory policy is from one day to the next. Cut spending now / don't cut spending now. Abolish RDAs / keep RDAs. It's hard to keep up...

Anonymous said...

Would've been infinitely better if Charles had said "I'd give it five minutes in there if I were you lads."