Friday, February 19, 2010

Out with Jenny

You can't fail to have noticed that the opening exchanges of the General Election have begun in earnest here in Darlington.

That means canvassing. And lots of it. Activists tend to divide into two simple bands - those who can and those who can't stand it - something to do with not knowing who (or what) you'll meet on the other side of the door, I think.

Me - I love it. So it was a pleasure to join Jenny last Saturday and Sunday when we knocked on doors in Cockerton East's Darrowby Drive and in my own patch on the Whinfield Park estate.

I thought we got a great response in both areas, and Jenny chatted to lots of Labour supporters - including one potential new member on Whinfield Park who really, really can't stand David Cameron.

I recorded some video with Jenny on Oakwood Drive, but unfortunately, the Flip's batteries were low, so the static spoilt the film (does Peter Jackson have these problems?)

I'll do another video interview with Jenny soon, so for the meantime, you'll have to make do with a picture of one of our teams on Saturday not at all freezing on Darrowby Drive...


Anonymous said...

Oh look there's a hoodie. Come on guys hug the hoodie. Sorry wrong party.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Snow White and the seven dwarfs to me.