Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One of our candidates is missing (2)

He's rich. He's posh. He doesn't get to Darlington all that much...

Another chapter in the short but entertaining political career of Edward Legard this evening, when his much vaunted Q&A with the citizens of Darlington was cancelled at short notice. Apparently, without William Hague to hold his hand (clash of commitments apparently) Edward didn't think it was worth the petrol money to toddle up from Ryedale.

Remarkable. Talking to Labour's PPC this evening after the announcement (Jenny was in the vicinity, by the way, so got to talk to several disgruntled residents who were turned away) we both agreed that had the "name" not materialised for a Labour event, we would certainly have proceeded. Not to do so would be frankly discourteous.

This latest misshap has led one prominent local Twitterer to wonder aloud whether it was Labour who in a malicious twist selected Captain Legwarmer? We can only plead "not guilty" - the Tories picked him all by themselves!


Paul Cain said...


Thias is all very interesting but, surely, in the light of the economic news we've had in the last few days, a little irrelevant?

Tosday, the British government posted its worst ever borrowing figures for a month, January, in which it is traditionally awash with money from tax receipts.

See here:

Yesterday we learned that the numbe of people seeking JSA is at an all-time high. Those 'not economically active' reached an estimated 8 million - 21 per cent of the working population.

Once again, Labour is not working

And inflation hit 3.5 percent and is rising quickly.

Name me, if you can, an era, outside of wartime (in fact, even during wartime) where the economy of our country has been so right royally screwed?

The UK is on the verge of becoming Greece 2 and all you can do is take cheap potshots at a mediocre local Tory candidate?

Your party has all but killed our economy, Councillor.

At both local and national level you lot have proven that you just can't be trusted with the cashbox.

Like, I suspect, a lot of people, I'd vote for anyone but Labour (and its alterego, the BNP).

The Tory candidate may well not be the most sparkling of personalities, but this time around it has to be whichever party with a chance of punishing Labour for its deceit and incompetence.

If Ming the bloody Merciless stood in Darlington, I'd vote for him over Labour.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Paul. You could add to that list 1,600 Teesside steel workers who will become unemployed tomorrow with no hope whatsoever of another job and all the suffering that will be inflicted on their families and the communities on Teesside.

ian said...

Being no supporter of the tories, particularly as they have a candidate with no links to darlington, i have no problem with you highlighting how inadequate he may be as a candidate for parliament.
However, your "witty" line, "He's rich. He's posh. He doesn't get to Darlington all that much..." is really unnecessary Cllr THORN-Wallis.

To a great percentage of the electorate a key indicator of a persons wealth is their ability to send their off-spring to a private education.
I wonder, if we did a survey of even the LABOUR group alone at DBC, how many of OUR cllrs would fit that particular bill???

Even more so, when those same cllrs are making key decision about the state schools in the borough. Perhaps only those who have chosen a state education for their own children should be allowed to vote on matters impacting on the vast majoity of the boroughs families?

Prosperity alone should not be a barrier in politics (neither should it be a benefit) but you really should look a little closer to home when making such comments.

Legend in his own lunchtime said...

He's started a facebook page and has 2 friends, it is after all early days ;)

legend said...!/profile.php?id=100000819311416&ref=nf

Darlington Councillor said...

I see his self-effacing write-up states that

"His path to Parliament is in stark contrast to the local council candidates from other parties"

Can this be the same Cpt. Legwarmer who has made such great play of being a local councillor (though in Ryedale, not here in Darlington)?

Anonymous said...

LOL his 'About me' is written 'About him' :) and we have a fingers up in the photo by one of his two friends too... his son perhaps? Nice!

Legend in his own lunchtime said...

He's upto 31 friends now getting near election victory, me thinks ;)