Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lessons in history

This blog has once or twice gently pointed out that Tory candidate and North Yorkshire toff Edward LeGrand is, ahem, not the busiest politician we have ever seen. Months at a time have gone by since his selection in January 2008, when the town has had neither sight nor sound from him.

When Spectator's Notes in the dear old D&S Times picked up the theme, Cpt LeGrand reacted like a scalded cockerel. His letter on Friday, entitled My Record, lists the many things that he has been up to "in recent weeks and months".

Which would be absolutely fine, were we not able to check some of this stuff up, via Google and indeed this blog. So here's the same list of Laggard's 'achievements', this time with the dates appended;

Campaigning against post office closures - February 2008
Setting up a Darlington Job Club - March 2009
Meeting residents plagued with anti-social behaviour - June 2008
Campaigning against the withdrawal of free bus travel for pensioners - June 2008.

Clearly, time takes on a different quality when you're a Tory!

I could go on. With the General Election almost upon us, Edward is, finally, beginning to stir himself into action, and attending the odd meeting. Unfortunately, the overall impression he has left in the 2 years he has been a PPC - frankly that he is a part-time candidate in a no-hope seat for the Tories - has stuck, and it can't be shifted now. In the battle for second place, LibDem Mike Barker has been a far more energetic and clever PPC, leaving the Tories looking like also-rans.

Edward Legard's letter is curious in another respect. He states that "whether through family connections; work or from the time when stationed in Catterick, I have known Darlington all my life and am ideally placed to represent its interests within the North East."

The trouble is that when candidates pledge their undying and non-transferable love for a constituency like this, we can check their background. And as an anonymous commentor on this blog has pointed out via a newspaper link, Edward was apparently also "ideally placed to represent the interests" of Sunderland Central back in July 2007.

Less a devoted suitor, and more, well, a carpet bagger, I guess. Presumably the Tories in Sunderland wanted a more active candidate in what is a genuinely marginal seat for them?

Labour's PPC Jenny Chapman, of course, is properly local to Darlington, and hasn't schlepped around other constituencies looking for a berth.

Finally, as if to prove that the Tories' ill-starred candidate just hasn't got any luck at all, there's a cruel twist on Wikipedia. Some loyal Tory hack - maybe Edward himself? - has been trying to put an biography of our favourite aristo on the site, only to have it deleted three times by site moderators. The reason - he is a "non notable local politician."

Ah, Edward - I know exactly how you feel!


Anonymous said...

Comment on Toryhome site from Conservative on Mr Legards selection in Darlington

Congratulations Edward... but where is Darlington any way. I would have thought he would have been far better of standing for a town in the South than one in the poor North. Thank goodness for Tom Tom.'

says it all

Paul Cain said...

A candidate who knows nothing about Darlington, has rarely been there, could hardly give a toss about the place and only shows his face in the weeks before an election.

But enough about Alan Milburn.

Anonymous said...

Very good Paul :)

Anonymous said...

Why does Councillor Wallis insist on the spelling Tory candidates name wrongly ?

I doubt whether any MP for Darlington could leave the House of Commons than Mr Milburn willl leave

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in reply as to why Cllr Wallis misspells the Tory's name its because he's a tosser (Cllr Wallis or Cllr Wally to us his correct name that is.).

Anonymous said...

Thorne-Wallis you went to public school so that makes you a toff as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Councillor Thorne -Wallis went to a public school but he has a rather puerile mind in that he thinks it's funny to misspell repeatedly someone's name?

He needs to grow up and concentrate on real issues. Whatever he says Mr Milburn has sullied the name of Labour by his greed and sloth.

Edward Legard may not appear in Darlington often but I don't think he could do any worse than the thieve Mr Milburn

Imprison Milburn said...

Last anonymous: agreed.

Legend may not be here much and we all know this is a two horse race anyway (with the exception of a very slight BNP win)but Cllr Wallis, Those in glass house's simply shouldn't!

Alan Milburn has let not only the people who voted Labour last time down but the Labour party as a whole. He has abused his position via expenses (and still is to the bitter end) abused it in influencing things he has an interest in and more importantly made it a hard canvassing ground for probably the best PPC Darlington has ever had.

I wish Jenny the best of luck but she has some dodgy shoes to fill and those shoes and the expense claims are her biggest hurdle.

Why has the Labour party, the party of the working man not stepped in before now to sort Milly out even as we speak in the death throws of his political carear in Darlington he is still claiming for napkins etc for a dinner party I presume he is throwing for his mate Legend and Cameroon.

He will be remembered for a few things in Darlo, his mysterious turn in stance on fizzy drinks when he became Pepsico man, his fight to save the Post Offices that actually was a vote against saving them and most of all as pigeon poop bridge man. What a resume but no doubt he will find gainful employ with some of his Whitehall made contacts now he can relax up in Northumberland.

He has been an embarasment for years and Labour has done nothing, I am sure he is not the only one but think of him next time you read a story about someone caught fiddling the dole just to survive.

What is the difference, oh yes the benefit fiddler will not have the £11K to payback that they got under false pretences and the Echo will run with Benefit Theif caught but no such headline story when Milly was caught, and it has been the same up and down the country everyone found guilty should do prison time if only to get it on their record and make them, themselves unemployable.

Perhaps you should watch the Towers of Parliamnet (channel 4) to see how many without privelidge actually live.

Rant over !