Monday, February 08, 2010

The Labours of Hercules

Cleaning the coop

Cllr. Nick Wallis | MySpace Video

You thought being a ward councillor and Cabinet Member for Sustainable Environment and Climate Change here in Darlington was one long glamour call? As a family we are trying to live that little bit more sustainably, so here's how I spent this Sunday lunchtime...


miketually said...

They look like happy chooks.

We are using the same hanging water dispenser as you, but just a bowl for the food. How are you finding the hanging food dispenser, as I think we might get one?

We need to sort out a gate for our orchard, so we can let ours out to range a bit further; they're in the tack room at the moment, with a run off the back, but they've trashed that already so could do with more space.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Mike. 6 eggs today!

Like you, we originally had the food bowl hanging very low. Then last year, during the cold snap, it attracted rats - big brown ones that apparently didn't have any fear, and just looked quizzically at me when I shouted and walked over to the coop.

I then raised the bowl off the floor a little - that didn't stop then, and indeed at first they seemed to enjoy swinging on the bowl as they tried to eat.

As I hadn't intended to create a combi ratfood dispenser/mini gym, I lifted it still higher off the floor - together with some strategically placed rat poison, that seemed to do the trick.

Best of luck with your 'ladies' - how many have you got now?

miketually said...

We've got 4 now; two brown and two white. I think we'll be getting a couple more, possibly ex-battery, in the spring. When we get the new ones, we'll need a bigger capacity food bowl, so will move to a hanging one then.

We've not had problems with rats by the chickens yet, but we've had them in the garage after the dry dog food. We've moved the food into bins and put some traps down which seems to have got rid of them. There are rats, and a fox, down the bottom of the garden, so we're having to be careful with the chickens.