Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kingsway/Balmoral Road Street Surgery

A minor triumph on the Kingsway - Dave and Dean had been around for a long, long time.

To the Kingsway estate and Balmoral Road/Killin Road areas this lunchtime and evening for one of our regular street surgeries.

I took the picture of the cleaned wall this afternoon to let residents know about a service provided by the Council. When I was delivering our Haughton West calenders between Christmas and the New Year, I spotted this graffiti which was long overdue coming down.

It had been scrawled on a resident's back wall - what a lot of people don't realise is that the Council's Street Scene team will remove graffiti from private property, but only with the owner's written consent. So I knocked on the door, the resident was more than happy to give her details, and within a matter of 10 days Street Scene had done a marvellous job, and the area looked that bit more spruce. Given the appalling weather conditions at the time, and the other calls on their time, it was great that our local Street Scene team responded so promptly.

Anyway, there were plenty of issues residents wanted to raise with us today. I think we managed to knock on almost every door on the Kingsway, Regal Drive, Monarch Close and Earl Close at lunchtime, and chatted generally issues that needed tackling. This evening, we focussed solely on those residents who had left the "Stop" signs in their windows, and who wanted to see us specifically.

The state of the roads in and around the Kingsway came up several times. So too did what I call "good neighbour" issues - where the thoughtlessness of a few are causing difficulties for others. Parking here is a case in point. There isn't always a council solution - I only wish there were - the answer lies in giving others around us just that little bit of consideration in our everyday lives.

So plenty of emailing to the officers and, in one case, the Manager of the Cornmill with a helpful suggestion from one disabled resident, before bed.


Dave (no Dean) said...

Finally Dave "N" Dean gone I will sleep safer in my bed tonight.

It has been there that long D&D are drawing their pensions

Anonymous said...

it's never ever called THE Kingsway!!!
Only those who don't know the area would say that Cllr Nicholas Barnes-Wallis