Monday, February 01, 2010


This is awful - after finally getting broadband rigged up, I get laid low by a pretty serious case of man 'flu, and then spend precious blogging time watching Law & Order: UK and chuckling at the classic Angry People in Local Newspapers site.

Actually, what I'm really putting off is dealing with the dead mouse in a trap underneath the sink. So time to blog again!


Ex-Labour said...

" and chuckling at the classic Angry People in Local Newspapers site."

What the Cartrights who your Party deliberately excluded from Ward Council matters in their own ward while your Labour Ward Cllr was invited along?

Then when a complaint was made exhonourated yourselves of any guilt and anything wrong by way of the monitoring officer...your pet solicitor!

It is tricks like this that make those in charge at DBC look underhand and selfserving!

Any comments on that story thats all over town?

Darlington Councillor said...

Damned if we do, etc, Ex-L.

As I am the Cabinet Member concerned, I happen to know this story first hand - and Gill's account is highly partial and omits a key detail.

I was disappointed that after a full investigation, she continued to criticize DBC officers in Council.

The affair has now been concluded, but the Cartwrights don't seem able to move on.

Anonymous said...

"dont seem able to move on" actually means I dont want to talk about it.
You were not happy that I brought up the matter at council, bad luck, it is time that the two tier system of information giving at DBC is exposed. When that stops then it is time to move on and we will be watching.
You should be apologising to officers for using them to make political gains, which is by the way an unforgivable act.
In the interest of transparency Nick, we would like to hear your side of the story but I suspect that will not be bold enough. You seem quick to want to move on and I question your motives for trying to do that as you have plenty to say on this blog about everything else!

Darlington Councillor said...

Not at all, Gill. I organised the meeting because I had been contacted by one of the ward councillors concerned by the goings-on at the site. At no point did you or Mike bother to contact me, and I was unaware that you had any interest in the matter. Mark is a hard-working local councillor, and characteristically copies me in when there are ward issues which are related to my portfolio area.

What irritates me particularly is that you have never pointed out that I did try to act fairly in this matter by instructing officers after the meeting to copy you and Mike into the minutes and agreed actions, although in strict terms there was no requirement for me to take that step.

Instead you have pursued a vendetta against the officers when no rules were breached, for reasons that are entirely unclear to me. Just another bit of silly politicking that does nothing to serve the residents of Harrowgate Hill. Fortunately, in Mark, they have a ward councillors who is prepared to dilligently serve local interests without recourse to this sort of nonsense.