Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The E-Campaign

2010 will undoubtedly be the first e-election we've seen here in the UK. And the candidate who's making all the running on the internet here in Darlington is Labour's own Jenny Chapman, who has her own website, and a growing band of followers too on Facebook.

You can see Jenny's website here (with a sneak preview of her intro leaflet, which hasn't even come from the printers yet!), and request to join up to her (420+) Facebook supporters here.

You can even follow her on Twitter too -


james said...

Jenny's use of new means of communicating with people - *all* means of communicating, in fact! - has shown her determination to serve people in Darlington.

There's a lot of anger and uncertainty around because of the hard times we're facing. The outcome of this election will either give us an Age of Austerity or a recovery based on fairness.

I think that by embracing new media, Labour is giving people the ability for people to be in touch with their elected/prospective representative and know that they are fighting to make life better for them.

A legend in his own lunchtime said...

I am a big fan of Edwards campaign on Face book et al and follow it with eager anticipation everyday...

Sadly nothing has gone up in weeks....the butler has had some time off and the stable boy has been to busy with the hounds getting ready for when they repeal fox hunting to keep it upto date for him.

Perhaps he should call upon Dave "some of my friends are poor" Cameron to update his social networking sites ;)