Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooled up

Back again, after a long (semi-enforced) absence. Just to explain, I decided before Christmas to give up my old DBC line and laptop - a small saving for the council there which will undoubtedly make my Cabinet colleague Cllr. McEwan happy, but which will also allow me to use the internet for campaigning purposes.

Characteristically, it's taken BT weeks to get a broadband line up-and-running, but we've made it at last. By the weekend, I should have pictures and videos running smoothly again.


miketually said...

Good decision.

Politicians (local or otherwise) would be wise to pay for their web/computer stuff themselves, and to leave all mention of their current role out of web addresses.

This avoids accusations of using tax-payers' money for campaigning (even though you wouldn't have cost the council any more by using the line and computer for that) and also allows web pages, etc. to stay live during election campaign, which keeps Google rankings intact.

Mike Barker for example, if he wins at the election, has Cllr in his URL, which will then be redundant.

Another example is Alan Milburn always having to replace his website with a holding page once parliament was dissolved(?) before an election.

being able to keep pages and URL consistent long-term would render attempts to 'hijack' a candidate's name by buying an alternate domain, as we've seen happen locally, pretty much useless.

Good luck getting up and running again.

Mike Barker said...

I don't think I want anything in my URL, thank you very much. I don't understand the bits you've written about me, Mike. Maybe here is not the place for you to explain it, though.

BTW, the Council installed a new phone line and gave me a new laptop when I was elected. I told them I thought it was a waste of the Council's money and they took them both away.

Surely everyone already has a phone and computer these days if they're the sort of person who would stand for election (except for one proud Luddite who I won't mention by name here.)

miketually said...

URL = web address :)

My consultancy fees are very reasonable :)

Anonymous said...

What if your a couple, both Councillors - in the same household - and received a laptop each, along with free internet? Surly a new twin pipe Jag and private 'T...ORY' number plate is well worth the investment of your consultancy fees too :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think such a car would meet the 10:10 plan?

I wonder if these two Councillors are following in their master's footsteps with his Rolex watch, Audi TT and private number plate too?

Lady Doris said...

Where are we talking about Royal MSG?

Anonymous said...

Not royal MSG but Harrowgate Hill

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgggggghhhhhh I see...Regal HH, it will be the Le-grandiose syndrome.

They said White Horse they though they said White House and stood.

I am shocked Audi TT's, Rolex's, 2 laptops it is the same in Royal MSG no one wants to share their toys.

Why does every Councillor need a computer provided? Most people who stand have one anyway and only half the IP fees seems reasonable.

Next we will have Duck Houses and Moats.

However in all fairness what items they spend their own cash on does not concern the voters it's not like they got the Rolex on expenses.

Anonymous said...

What's all this crap about ?

Rebel said...

It's not rocket science there is only a hand full of husband and wife teams on DBC then work out which set live in HH I would assume it is Mike and Gill C they are refering to.

All Cllrs get a PC I agree one would do but what if they both need to work at the same time as for the watch and the car what they do with their own spare cash is upto them.

It could be worse they could spend it all on ties like the leader of DBC, or even David Cameron in his new poster campaign who too seems to think not wearing a tie is SOOOOOO COOL ....NOT