Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snow Stories (1)

Ward Surgery this morning, which for reasons too complicated to explain, was spent for the first 45 minutes in a freezing cold ASDA car park.

At one point, we were visited by a two residents of Oban Court, the sheltered DBC accommodation block across Whinbush Way. They asked whether we could contact someone at the Council to have the paths around Oban Court gritted? The path down to the bus stop was particularly treacherous.

With no-one from Street Scene probably able to respond until Monday, we resolved to do it ourselves. So here's my record of our efforts, in my first and what may turn out to be my cheesiest photo of 2010.


james said...

Let no one deny your commitment to public service.

As for cheesy photos, good to see from your profile photo that your nose has returned to normal after that red swelling ;-)

ianw said...

Nick, now you know how the rest of town feels.... except where did you get the grit from?

Because if it is as easy as residents doing it themselves please send 20 tons of grit to Hurworth!

We stand more chance of getting Angelina to open the new school, if Street Scene did any less out here it would be called "Haunting".

Just where are all these alleged gritters.

Is the photo change due to an election per chance ;)

Darlington Councillor said...

There's a grit bin adjacent to Oban Court, Ian - as there should be at all the sheletered accommodation complexes.

And no it's not an election year (not for Davied, Andy and me, anyway!)

There was discussion of the Council's response to the prolonged bad weather last night at Cabinet. The point that I've made here about the state of the roads as a result of the ice and snow has been recognised, I'm pleased to say.

Since the cold snap began (is it still a "snap"?) main routes in Darlington have been gritted 50 times +.

I'm guessing that's true whether you live in Haughton or Hurworth.