Friday, July 03, 2009

Building Britain's Future

Gordon Brown at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle.

To Newcastle yesterday evening, where Gordon Brown brougt the Building Britain's Future initiative to the Discovery Museum.

Don't be fooled by the fairly chummy opening which I recorded on the Flip - there were some hard-hitting questions from audience members, particularly on the environment and the NHS. Gerry Foley is a skilled interviewer, very much 'the smiler with the knife in his cloak', and if he felt a question hadn't been fully answered, he pressed the PM and Minister for the North East Nick Brown.

Consequently, the whole exercise had a whole lot more credibility than some strictly-only Party events I've been too. Gordon struck exectly the right note, I thought, by sticking to an exploration of Government policy with the audience, and never once strayed into opposition-bashing.