Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Transport in Darlington - the next 15 years

Council strategies as dry as dust? Well possibly - but they do genuinely influence spending priorities and scheme development. Having a say at the time when strategies are put together really can affect DBC policies for years to come.

The Council has been consulting on the formulation of its Third Local Transport Plan, which will run from 2011 to 2026. The outline themes have been considered by a joint workshop comprising members of the Council's Environment Scrutiny Committee and the Local Strategic Partnership, and an open Talking Together event in November. Now the outcomes are being considered by members of the Greener Theme Group. A final draft will be approved by Cabinet in March.

The headline priorities which have been identified to date are as follows;

1. To share prosperity for employment, economic activity and sustainable development by providing and maintaining a reliable, predictable, efficient transport network.

2. To tackle climate change through quantified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

3. To achieve better health and longer, active and independent lives for everyone by reducing the risk of death, injury and illness from transport, whilst providing active travel options.

4. To achieve a fairer society by enabling people to access jobs, education, training, health, food and green spaces.

5. To achieve a better quality of life for all by minimising the negative impacts of transport such as noise, air pollution and accidents on the natural environment, heritage, landscape and people.

Members are being asked;

a) whether they think the 5 outcomes are right?
b) whether there are any outcomes missing?
c) whether there is one that should be a priority?

If you have an opinion, email me, and I'll ensure your views are passed on.


ex labour said...

What a load of codswallop! Another quango to do what other than waste taxpayers money for expenses to attend these stupid meetings?

Overspending on another hair brained scheme, has everyone forgotten the transport fiasco, which at one point you were in charge of Nick???

Who came up with those 5 points what a load of crap, it has been proved that global warming is just a natural cycle of the planet and the research was floored (made up)by many who took part in it to keep external funding.

A sure election winner from Darlington's desperate Labour Cabinet, I think not!

Anonymous said...

What about clearing the roads and footpaths in the event of heavy snow and making sure they are safe?

I wonder how many people have been taken to Casualty at the Memorial because of slipping on the ice?

Jack Frost said...

Utter drivel, Williams has seen his last stint as leader, and Labour will be ousted come the election unless seats are awarded for incompetence, in which case they will walk back in :(

james said...

A major part of transport policy would be bus services, which are sadly run by a private monopoly unaccountable to customers - and against which competition would be impossible on existing routes (not only because of Arriva's current dominance but also because increasing numbers of people are purchasing bus passes rather than paying individual fares).

It's since been announced that local authorities in the Tees Valley will not go ahead with attempts to regulate bus services as this would involve costly legal battles with Arriva. Perhaps the alternative is for the local authorities to establish a social enterprise which would deliver needed bus services that cannot be provided on a commercial basis.

ianw said...

We used to have the corporation buses when I was a lad, they have gone but I don't really know why a guess would be cost cutting!
If I recall correctly they served 90% of the town and the united buses did the out of town main routes.
I seem to remember that Stagecoach then rolled into town and that was the end of the corporation buses.
I for one can't see cash strapped DBC setting that up again.

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes.....

I remember United buses, Ian. They used to have polite signs by each seat which said "lower your head when leaving your seat," and ticket inspectors who used to appear out of nowhere and generate panic to find the bus ticket. They used to chuck people off the bus if they couldn't find their tickets.

United used to drop the ticket inspectors off at remote spots in rain, hail, snow and sunshine, in the day and pitch black at night and they would have to wait by the road side until the next bus came along. I don't suppose health and safety would allow that nowadays.

The old bus station in Feethams was palatial when it opened, but with the passage of time, neglect, stench and diesel fumes it quickly went downhill and became a vision of what Hell must be like without the fire.

Good to reminisce occasionally. Happy New Year to all.

james said...


Stagecoach, now Arriva, came to dominate bus services in Darlington because:

1) The Tories decided that privatisation of bus companies would be a good money-making opportunity for their corporate backers.

2) Stagecoach used what the Competition Commission later referred to as anti-competitive practices to drive its rivals out of business.

My suggestion was not that the local authority attempt to compete with Arriva, but that that it help set up a social enterprise to run those services which Arriva and other for-profit companies only provide because they are paid to do so out of taxpayer money.

Anyhow, I must be off.

Happy new year to you all!

ianw said...

I watched a recent episode (repeat on sky again) of on the buses and it always reminds me of the old united depot.

All the best everyone :)

david Walsh said...

One wish (as a bus user) for Darlo would be simply a central bus station somewhere accessable so as to stop the endless scrabble around the Market Plce / High Row

Ex-Labour said...

Sounds reasonable Dave!

Don't hold your breath mate, the pot is empty and DBC would never consider doing anything so practical :(

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

I totally agree with you David. Sadly as Ex Labour has stated the pot is empty.

For some reason a bus station does not enter into the present Labour administration's thinking at all.
Ah well roll on 2011.

Anonymous said...

What transport plan? Is this a remedial plan to correct the stupid one way town bus system that the Labour Council made over the recent years. A system where each town bus has to make a lap around the ring road before leaving for it's destination. Majority of the residents knew what would happen so didn't want it! So much for common sense and a "Greener" Darlington