Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dealing with Darlington's Waste

MBT Plant Opening

Cllr. Nick Wallis | MySpace Video

On Friday, John Wades formally opened its MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) plant at Aycliffe Village - the facility which processes Darlington's household waste, and material from the Wade-operated Civic Amenity Site on Whessoe Road.

Together with representatives from the Council, the various contractors responsible for the plant were also there. Inevitably, there was ribbon, a pair of scissors and an Echo photographer - I'm prepared for the worst given the runaway success of the excellent Glum Councillors site which lampoons exactly this kind of shot.

Anyway, of much greater interest is the rapid prgress at the site - remember it was little more than concrete walls and floors in June of this year. Now, our recycling rates are improving rapidly, and in a facility where every effort is made to minimise landfill. I'll be going up to the plant again soon to record some of active processing of the waste.


ianw said...

There seems to be a lot of transport associated with this set up everyting comes from Darlington by wagon I assume using Diesel.

Then some of it is moved about down country using I assume diesel and some goes to Corus (for how long is anyones guess) moved again.

Does the cost and effects of all this moving around make this viable? or is it merely lipservice to our masters in Brussels?

Especially when there have been several articles published of late stating there is no global warming as such and is scaremongering by different groups and the facts have been fudged to suit those who want them to be.

This topped with the allegations of being dumped at sea or simply going to a China land fill does not instill certainty in many of us sceptics.

I will be nice to see Wades first year accounts to see if it is actually making a profit and not just being another DBC tax payers propoganda subsidy.

james said...

Ian: Man-made global warming or no, we surely don't want the country to end up as one big landfill.

Nick: Interesting video. I was reading the percentages of what comprises Darlington's household waste only the other day. Which, now that I've written it, sounds pretty sad.

ianw said...


I agree but do we want the sea to become one big "sea fill" instead or China or are we just taking the NIMBY aproach with the China allegations.

All I am saying, is it costing more to do this than is made from it?

If so who else happily runs a business at a loss whether it is measured in cash or Co2.

Sorry not a great believer in the Co2 debate there are too many conflicting reports and we have all gone OTT with it.

I agree recycle what we can but to save overall, not just to be seen to be saving.

Perhaps if we actually got the vote on being in the EU we were promised by this Gov. (and I think we all know why we never got it) we would not be in the EU and thus be so keen to please our European Dictators, sorry Masters.

Mike Barker said...

Sadly, you are not yet on Glum Councillors and I'm keeping my Focus photos to myself.

Have you seen this site:

Angry people in local newspapers.

This is a particularly good one:

james said...

Ianw - not sure what recycling and/or climate change have to do with EU membership (not a great fan, either, but for slightly different reasons, perhaps).

Not sure of the costs of the recycling scheme, but then, one of the problems with our economic system is that costs are often externalised (passed on to somebody else). I don't think it would be responsible of the council to allow our waste to be dumped or exported.

We can't compare the activities of a local authority with that of a typical business, namely because much of what local authorities do would not be provided otherwise.

Even if you don't believe the link between carbon emissions and climate change - consider the benefits of local renewable sources of energy such as greater stability in supply and therefore cost.

Anonymous said...

Suggest you put Alan Milburn in with Darlington's waste next time he puts an appearance in the town Nick.