Monday, November 09, 2009

PACT meeting tonight

If you're a resident of Whinfield, Springfield or Haughton, and you have a view about policing in our community, come along later this evening for the second PACT meeting in our area.

Standing for Partnerships and Communities Together, PACT meetings are organised by the Police, and are designed to allow members of the community to set the policing priorities for the area. At future meetings, the police will report back on progress against the issues set.

The first PACT meeting for Springfield (the southern part of our ward) will take place this evening at 6.30pm at the new Salvation Army building in Thompson Street East. PACT meetings are being designed to move throughout the Haughton area month by month, so in month one (October) it was in Whinfield, and in December it should be in Haughton village or Red Hall, and then back to Whinfield, and so on.

Also attending will be a representative from the Education Village, to say a few words about news about the school and take any questions.

You don't have to resident in a particular area to attend - so Springfield residents can go along to Haughton village meetings. The idea is to create a seamless set of meetings, rather than a single event that takes place in your individual community once every three or four months. If you see what I mean.

David, Andy and I have been concerned about the lack of visibility of the police on our streets in recent months - our beat officer has been seconded to other duties, leaving a hole in policing in the ward.

Together with our ward colleagues in Haughton East and North, we held a very productive meeting with senior officers - Darlington Police are now re-organising themselves to provide a dedicated service across the North East side of the town which comprises beat officers, intelligence gathering and a PCSO presence. There will be cover across the 3 Haughton wards, meaning that we should not be lacking in beat officers again.

David, Andy and I are very supportive of the PACT process, and we want to see the new policing structure succeed. To this end, we have promoted tonight's meeting in our new newsletter (of which more later) and also put out a special e-newsletter to residents.

If you do live in the area, and can come along, it will be great to see you there this evening.

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