Sunday, November 01, 2009

Darlington Firework Spectacular 2009

Lighting the Bonfire at Darlington's Firework Spectacular

James | MySpace Video

Darlington Fireworks 2009 - 'Moon River'

James | MySpace Video

Here are two brief Flip videos I recorded last night at the Fireworks Spectacular in South Park.

I thought it was the best display yet. The bonfire had a twist (as you can see) with a rocket theme built by local schoolchildren, and various fireworks incorporated into the pile to create a great effect.

The fireworks themselves were smashing too - posted here is the 'Moon River' section, featuring a specially-lit helium balloon.

Feedback I had after the event was very positive - particularly appreciated were the regular safety messages and the warnings about not drinking alcohol.

There were thousands in South Park to enjoy the display.


Anonymous said...

Its a wonder you didnt charge for admission. Missed a trick there.

ex-labour said...

It's a pity Williams, Brown and a few more from DBC were not the Guy!

Anonymous said...

How true ex-Labour. Mind the Guy looked rather like the hirsuit cabinet member for lore and disorder.

Anonymous said...

Who Dixon?

Anonymous said...