Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking to the streets

Pretty much all of today was given over to a ward health check and street surgery in the Morpeth Avenue/Hutton Avenue/Kielder Drive area of Springfield.

Part of our focus was on a proposed development of a bungalow for up to 3 people with learning disabilities, which could be sited on the site of garages between Kielder Drive and Hutton Avenue. We invited representatives from the builders, North Star/Endeavour, along to the surgery, and together we spoke to a number of residents about the plans.

This informal approach helped allay some of the concerns local people had, and indeed threw up some creative ideas as to how the development could best meet the needs of neighbours as well as the future occupiers of the bungalow. There are svereal points that the North Star/Endeavour staff and ourselves as the ward councillors need to follow up, but fundamentally, local people seemed relaxed. I'm really grateful to the staff from North Star/Endeavour who came out "after hours" to help with the exercise.

Otherwise, there's probably several hours worth of reporting various problems to officers (and in one case, an issue I've already forwarded to Alan Milburn's office) on everything from the Haughton Road Throughabout to housing difficulties and grafitti in an alleyway.

There were complaints too from several residents about the quality of the bus service serving the area, which we'll be passing onto Arriva.

It should be said, however, that it was good to hear from one door to the next that there are no local problems affecting the household, and Springfield is a great place to be. That's how we'd like it to be for everyone!


ex-labour said...

(and in one case, an issue I've already forwarded to Alan Milburn's office)


Anonymous said...

ex ex Labour said.......

Another fiasco reported in the Echo this morning which was carefully managed by your lot Councillor. This time the compensation to residents of Red Hall for building the ETC close to their homes. That's the project which was overseen by you Councillor Wallis. You even blogged about it on this very blog.

When are you going to accept responsibility Councillor and resign not just from the cabinet but from the Council or do we have to wait until 2011 for you to become ex Councillor Wallis?

What say you Councillor? Thought not total silence the perks of the job are too grate for you to give them up are they not?

Darlington Councillor said...

Firstly, ex-labour, in 18 years as a ward councillor in Haughton I've never heard a negative comment about Alan Milburn or his office from a resident. I appreciate there are those in the town with their own political axe to grind who disagree with Alan's politics, but it's my experience that his constituency work has been dealt with impeccably.

As for ex ex labour - I think the Echo article indicates that one resident has received £750 as a result of the work on the ETC. We shall have to see how this issue develops. I suspect it would be unwise for me to comment on the ethics of the lawyers chasing payouts on this matter, if today's Echo is to be believed.

ianw said...

Nick you say "in 18 years as a ward councillor in Haughton I've never heard a negative comment about Alan Milburn" shows how long he has been missing people have forgotten his name thats why!

Did your ward keep all it's post offices? mine didn't but Alan and Phil came along to get that loverly press coverage and then back stabbed their electorate and voted for closure!

Need I go on, Alan is and has been noticable by his absence for years with the occasional visit down from Northumberland, you really have no idea about how much he is disliked.

No wonder he got very little done he does not live here and had so many other jobs taking up his time, sorry making him a fortune that Darlington became a necessary burden for a free ticket onto the gravy train which in turn kept all those other jobs wanting his services.

All I personally remember he did was the removal of pigeon sh1t3 on North Road bridge, Quite an appropriate task.

I only hope for the sake of the Labour party the next PPC is of better moral fiber than Alan was in my opinion, has only one job and lives in or immediately around Darlington.

As for the power structure at DBC I can only hope the Captain in this case goes down with his ship and makes way for a better liked and qualified person to take over at the Helm and steer the town out of the defecit the present leader has us in.