Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Kid on the Block (2)

Labour's selection for a PPC here in Darlington is getting into full swing, so it's little surprise that one of the hopefuls should have launched a blogsite.

Rob Marchant, perhaps bravely, has started the unmoderated Centre Left blog. Regular readers will know how easily impressed I am, so it's good to see Rob taking a swing at the LibDems' opportunistic, windy stance on the 10:10 issue.

Rob was responsible for Labour's very successful campaigning software, but he assures me his campaign is about much more than IT.

More on the contest soon as matters hot up.

1 comment:

Rob Marchant said...

Thanks for the link Nick. I should also add that today's been quite a day of good debate, plus a flamer and even a slightly ironic welcome post from Mike Barker...!