Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Smile

Watching the Armstrong & Miller Show on Friday for the first time, it became apparent that half the household was slightly mystified by one of the song sketches. "But surely" I asked Sandy, "You've heard of Flanders and Swann?" A blank look in response, so it was off to YouTube again and the inspiration for this morning's MMS.

In truth, I only came across F&S as a result of the obsession of a music teacher at school, who insisted on playing the duo's repetoire to the class, apparently after good behaviour. We had music lessons in a formerly derelict police station on Brandon Hill, which doubled as the arts facility - Handel, Bach and Beethoven forever since have conjured up in my mind the smell of wet clay. Anyway...

I've pasted their affectionate, tongue-in-cheek "The English are Best" here despite the current furore in politics more widely - it best represents the charm of live performance. If you hadn't come across them already, check out some of their other classics The Gasman Cometh, The Transport Song, Have Some Madeira M'Dear and of course The Hippopotamus Song. Enjoy!

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Ian W said...

I also watched the armstrong and miller show for the first time the other night and I just thought it was another sketch, I had never heard of them.