Monday, October 12, 2009

Making it easier to contact us

Last Friday, David, Andy and I undertook a very successful street surgery in the Springfield area. As I guess I've bored you with before, we were the first councillors I think in the North East to pioneer the street surgery model, which I picked up at a Labour Conference years ago. Street surgeries always go down well with residents, who appreciate that we come to their door to respond to problems and complaints.

Putting out the notice also gave us a chance to promote our new surgery at the Salvation Army building in Thompson Street East. For some time now, we've been running with a surgery jointly with colleagues in Haughton East and North at Asda in Whinfield, but have been looking for another venue in Springfield for residents who don't want to travel that far. The splendid new church which replaces the old green hut is an obvious venue, and the Salvation Army have been hugely welcoming.

So additional surgeries will now be held on the second Wednesday of the month between 6pm and 7pm - our first will be on Wednesday 14th October.

Asda surgeries will continue as normal.


Anonymous said...

"The splendid new church which replaces the old green hut"
Soon it will be a mosque!

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm. Looks like our BNP chums are back...

Anonymous said...

Making it easy to contact us!

I tried to last night at Hurworth Parish Council meeting where you were the guest speaker.

I was there ready to contact you about rights of way and public footpaths where were you?