Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honouring their service

With Remembrance Day nearly upon us, it's fitting that the Council and Darlington Partnership is revealing that a ceremony is being planned for 2010 recognising the work of the 4th Mechanized Brigade, based at Catterick Garrison.

You can read the details here. The intention is to chart the progress of the brigade (which totals over 5,500 personnel) culminating in an event which Partnership chair Alasdair MacConachie promises will be "a special day full of colour, ceremony and civic pride."

I think this is an excellent idea, and I'm sure it will be strongly supported by residents across the Borough. There are good links between the Garrison and Darlington, and it's right that people should have a chance to show how much they appreciate the work of our Armed Services at this time of conflict. I'll post updates on the initiative as more information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope no extremeists come and spoil it.

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