Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Scream

It's Halloween, and the Undead stalk the earth.

Try and enjoy this with me. (She still scares me 19 years on....!)

Hat tip: Tom Harris


Anonymous said...

This ones for you councillor.

When in a few days time you pay tribute to the men and women of this country who gave their lives for freedom, weep for them as well as their sacrifice has all been in vain.

We now live in a police state. We are the most spied upon people since the demise of the Gestapo. Most of our laws have been replaced by ones that discriminate against the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic/Scottish people who over the centuries have been patriotic through good times and bad.

We are now in the hands of people (many of whom are former communists) whose sole interest is in themselves.

I fought for my country - . I now weep for it - although at my age I have very lttle time left to do so. but I would like to depart this mortal life thinking that Great Britain may once again rise from the ashes of Blair's rotten legacy.

on the bright side, if he is appointed to be Supreme Leader of Europe, together with his obnoxious partner, he may do for Europe what he has done for Britain and destroy it.

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm. Let's look at the possibile authors of this comment. It could be;

(1) Someone at least 80 years old - a true veteran of WW2.
(2) One of the BNP's sock puppets in the region, happy to besmirch the reputation of the brave men and women who fought the war against facsism by linking their own disgusting politics with that struggle.

As the commenter remains anonymous, and spouts the usual BNP nonsense, I'm inclined to (2). I only tolerate this sort of misleading rubbish from nameless far right lunatics on my blog because it invariably shows them up for the charlatans they are.

ianw said...

Nick would you not agree we are the most surveiled country in the world with new laws constantly comming in under the guise of anti-terrorism designed to give the Gov. more spying powers.

An example would by Mandelsons latest 3 strike law for ISP's, people are going to be disconected without proof of suspected internet piracy (this can only be done if the ISP's spy on their customers) just because they use P2P networks, which can be used for much more than just downloading music files.

What has happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Have Labour decided since the expenses scandal that by letting their own Labour thieves who stole £100,000's off they can claw all the fiddle money back by prosecuting someone 13 year old who downloads a £2.50 CD what message is Mandy sending out.

Up till now only the French have adopted this 3 strikes rule and there is talk in the EU that denying internet access is a breach of human rights any comments on how theives (Jackie Smith) who steal hundreds of thousands of tax payers pounds are investigated by a group made up of Labour members who are chums and subsequently let off yet Fred Smith a 12 year old is found guilty without trial and disconected by his ISP for allegedly down loading the latest number 1 in the charts.

Has letting these thieves off not created a two teir system of law in GB one for the rich thieving B****D's and one for the average man in the street?

I think very soon Labour will have 4 years of the smug Cameron to sit back and think where did we go wrong, it might even take 8 years unless there are some rapid changes before the general election.