Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Smile

I caught some of the commentary from the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday. With the drivers pressing special buttons to gain momentary advantage, I was reminded of this classic cartoon show from the 70's.

Nick's Monday Morning Quiz

Without watching the clip first, how many drivers and their cars can you name? Bonus points for getting their numbers right too!


miketually said...

Penelope Pitstop didn't ever win a Wacky Race. However, if using the F1 points system, whe would have won the championship.

Aeres said...

Not wanting to cause a fight, but I think that's wrong on both counts. Allow Wiki to enlighten...

Maybe further proof, if any was required, that cars really aren't your thing ;-)

ex-labour said...

Nick thought you would have been down in Brighton or are Gordon's death throws to much for you to watch?
I hear there are 3 people in the audience and 2 of those are relatives.
Did anyone see Dispatches last night about MP's and Lord's free travel which convieniently is immune to the Freedom of Information Act?

miketually said...

Thanks Aeres. Can I use the fact that my mam was only 9 years old when it was first broadcast as an excuse for my error?

I read the above fact in a national newspaper column discussing the F1 points system, though I have no idea why I read that as, like you say, cars really aren't my thing. just goes to show, you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers.

Anonymous said...

Bit naughty of Nic Robinson to ask the Prime Mentalist if he was popping pills to calm him down and and control his temper tentrums. No one wants to be around him anymore. Hence the empty hall. Even Mandy says he has personality problems. It's common knowledge in the Westminster Village.