Monday, September 07, 2009

Look North tonight

Catch it if you can - there are interviews with Pete Barron from the Northern Echo and me on the great "Council Magazine" debate.


It seems the piece didn't run this evening because the interview with Pete Barron had to be postponed - a great shame because the Echo editor had put some slap on specially.


Anonymous said...

You weren't on Councillor. Perhaps Look North thought that a little local problem in Darlington wasn't worth bothering about. Seems that way doesn't it?

Shame you were not given a chance to further promote yourself. Oh well never mind - back to the day job.

Darlington Councillor said...

Ahem. There were some pretty grisly stories today which may have taken precedence. And it was Look North that asked to interview Pete and me - not the other way around.

Still, maybe it'll be on tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hackwatch says

Northern Echo 1 DBC 0.

Anonymous said...

"Hackwatch says

Northern Echo 1 DBC 0."

Tremendous, victory for the local press. Does that mean the Echo will now stop bleating that its p*ss poor state is solely down to one North East council's monthly magazine? I doubt it. Gotta find someone to blame for all those redundancies and joke salaries.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see motorway cops last night?

It seems Nick and Graham have joined the traffic cops

Check out the "Liar" for pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

Ian W said...

Nick let me know if you want this removed.

Darlington Councillor said...

Many thanks Ian - no, leave it - I've had worse posted about me!

ex-labour said...

Wow the likeness is uncanny!