Thursday, August 27, 2009

Council Magazines - a Final Word?

Thanks to everyone who's taken the trouble to post comments about this issue, regardless of the angle you were coming from. I think between myself and Pete Barron, your comments and the other sites which picked up on our discussion, we managed to cover the key points.

I simply mention now that over at the Independent, Paul Evans has written an online piece which (more or less) comes to my defence, so thanks to him for that. He makes some interesting points about the development of really local journalism in Ireland, which may be relevant as our local titles struggle for direction. Alas, I'm still Nick Willis. Maybe it's time for another name change... ;)


Paulie said...

Apologies for getting your name wrong Nick. I've corrected it now.

In my defence, I was referring to you the way that Roy Greenslade did. Bloody journalists, eh? ;-)

ian h said...

last word....mmmmmm, think this one may run for a while yet.

Given the current climate where councils in particular are feeling the pinch, i would suggest that the non-essential "services" provided by the TC should be the first area to cut costs.
In addtion to Peter Bs well made points, in an earlier thread you refered to the fact that i had past issues with the Town Crier magazine.
This is true, but reinforces a general point. That is the ability of a council to use/abuse its position by sending out its own propoganda across the borough, without the opposition (be they political or local community groups) having a similar voice.
This is what happended during the Hurworth school debacle and it what only through the Echo that those opposed to council policies could get their message across.

That battle is of course long over but the same abuse of position can/will be used by councils in the future as long as they can disribute their propoganda unopposed.

Ian W said...

Must agree with Ian H and that's saying something as we do often have opposite views, but had it not been for the coverage of the school closure by the Echo we may not have won our fight and one of the best schools around would have been closed for good.

I don't remember any articles in the TC telling every household in town that DBC had lost to a bunch of people who stood upto them or that Alan Milburn (who is not our MP as he reminded me last week) called us "the chattering classes" for having the audacity to oppose the closure.

Bin the crier!