Friday, August 28, 2009

BNP take (another) caning in Darlington

After losing to an independent in July, the BNP were on the end of another thrashing on Thursday night in Whessoe Parish.

Contesting the 2 seats were John Hoodless from the far-right party, and fellow Darlington blogger Gill Cartwright and her daughter.

I don't have the numbers to hand, (I'll update this post when I get them) and I can't find them anywhere on the net, but I understand that Gill and her daughter polled well in excess of 100 votes each, whilst Mr Hoodless bumped along the bottom with fewer than 20.

Interestingly, although she's a Tory Borough Councillor, Gill stood as an independent candidate, on the basis that overt party politics don't belong on parish councils. It would seem that the good people of Whessoe thoroughly agree with that principle. After these two poll reverses, I wonder if the BNP now have finally got the message - the people of Whessoe don't want the politics of race hate and extremism on their parish council!


The result was;

Cartwright G 135
Costin L 116
Hoodless J 18

(From HarrowgatehillFuture)


Paul Cain said...

Good news.

I wish, though, that when you report BNP failures like this, you'd avoid the temptation to get all preachy, like you have at the end with your reference to race hate politics and extremism.
We know.
We also know that New Labour remains as obsessed with race as ever and it just makes you look like a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

He cannor avoid it - he is pompous and full of himself but this seems to be part of Labour's recruitment techniques and is why his own predicitions of electoral failure will come true.

Anonymous said...

Must agree it does look like chickening out!

What odds are Ladbroke's taking on a Labour loss?

Ian W said...

Whilst I do not agree witht he BNP why is it everyone seems to ignore the fact that they are a legitimate party and can stand where they want, the fact they are gaining ground is worrying but surely in a democracy they are entitled to their views.

Voltaire once said...

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

Is this not freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to note Gills desire to keep party politics out of Parish business. We all have our own personal views/afiliations but i have yet to see an exmaple of where these should intrude at parish council level.

Well done also to her daughter, refreshing to see one so young taking an active interet in her local community and giving a voice to her peers.

ian h said...

oops, the above was from me, hit the wrong button!....hate it when left as anonymous...

eda said...



Ricky Wong said...

I will vote BNP... as they take my concerns seriously... unlike you in this article who just think i'm'racist'

By the way... I voted Labour in all past elections