Friday, July 03, 2009

Building Britain's Future

Gordon Brown at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle.

To Newcastle yesterday evening, where Gordon Brown brougt the Building Britain's Future initiative to the Discovery Museum.

Don't be fooled by the fairly chummy opening which I recorded on the Flip - there were some hard-hitting questions from audience members, particularly on the environment and the NHS. Gerry Foley is a skilled interviewer, very much 'the smiler with the knife in his cloak', and if he felt a question hadn't been fully answered, he pressed the PM and Minister for the North East Nick Brown.

Consequently, the whole exercise had a whole lot more credibility than some strictly-only Party events I've been too. Gordon struck exectly the right note, I thought, by sticking to an exploration of Government policy with the audience, and never once strayed into opposition-bashing.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in this Councillor.

Gordon Brown is the worst Chancellor and PM I have ever known – and I can remember as far back as Heath, the europhile scum.

Brown ruined UK pensions, so people relied on “my house is my pension”.

Brown expanded UK money supply by 10-14 per cent from about 2001.
Brown was the bankers friend (Goodwin always in and out of No 11).

Brown consequently created the property boom.

Brown supinely accepted Basle 2.
Brown destroyed the working B of E supervisory system and installed his own failed tripartite system.
Brown consequently created the UK bank bust.

Brown increased government debt.

Brown encouraged personal debt.

Brown consequently created the near collapse of the UK financial system.

All the while Brown finger wagged other countries and boasted over and over how good he was and how he had “eliminated boom and bust”.

Brown is moronic, evil, socially inadequate, arrogant, a bully, anti-democratic, unable to admit error, and breathtakingly incompetent. Brown should be in prison.

and he aint the only national and local Labour politician who should be in prison, but time will tell and the truth will out.

Anonymous said...

When's the censorship going to end Councillor? Surely you are not afraid of the truth? Or maybe you are?

Paul Cain said...

Councillor: You've gone quiet again. I know you deserve a summer break, but yours is one of the few credible local political blogs and such prolonged silences do harm.

As always with this government, there's a huge amount to talk about.

I'll stick with one theme.

Today, July 15, I see it's been announced that the unemployment rate has hit 2.38 million, the highest since 1995.

Given that unemployment is a lagging indicator, it seems we are in for perhaps another three or four quarters of similarly horrendous figures.

And at the end of this month you'll have a bunch of new school leavers looking for jobs.

This is a serious economic, social and personal issue.

Labour's not working, is it?

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Come on Councillor give us your views?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Nick Brown be called the Minister for Newcastle and Gateshead because he has done bugger all for Darlington and Teesside?

ex-labour said...

Yes this blog is dying a death, what with comment moderation, no new topics and no Monday Morning Smile (MMS) its going to the dogs.

Do something now Nick or RIP Blog!

It is as interesting at present as JW's tie!

John said...

Watch this space, Nick Wallis is as i hear it to be confirmed as the candidate for the Darlington seat at the next general election,

Paul Cain said...

For heaven's sake, Councillor: say something.

I might think you talk out of your hat a lot of the time, but this is about the only local blog worth its salt and to be fair, you do take it as well as handing it out.

Come on: get typing